Curious how Ryan cuts a watermelon? Or swimming at night with a GoPro! Watch today’s vlog 😀 Nursery Reveal link is below!

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31 thoughts on “GOING FOR A NIGHT SWIM!

  1. My husband prefers a flat sheet(nonfitted) but for our kids (4) who have bunk beds we skip the flat sheet. It always ends up at the very bottom of the bed anyways. Love you guys!!!!! Kiss kiss rev!!!!

  2. ok, I'm old school but I have to have a fitted sheet then a flat sheet then a quilt….I don't use comforters because for king size beds they are hard on washing machines because they are so bulky…So I switched to quilts.

  3. yes to unfitted sheet. i always need a blanket on me to sleep so the unfitted sheet comes in handy in the warm weather. and we actually don't use our comforter at all to sleep, more just for decoration when we fully make our bed which is like never. lol. we just use the unfitted sheet and a blanket (one is light for the summer and the other is a heavier soft blanket for the cold New England winters)

  4. Oh yes, I am a flat sheet person. I love blankets in general! So I have flat sheet, comforter, tie blanket, and quilt! I tend to take off the tie blanket and/or quilts occasionally when it gets hot, but I love love love me some comfy blankets!

  5. Well, I used to sleep with two unfitted sheets because my original fitted sheet got ripped somehow (cough dogs! cough) and I was to cheap to buy a whole new set of sheet just to replace one fitted sheet. But now that I am temporarily living with my grandmother and she is not two cheap to have a full set of sheets, I sleep with both the fitted sheet and unfitted sheet. In the summer months, I usually just fold the comforter (or in my case, quilt) over to the side that I don't sleep on, and the dogs usually end up sleeping on that side. Who knows how the breathe under all of that, especially in the summertime.

  6. I'm pretty sure the unfitted sheet is like your underwear. So your comforter doesn't get dirty and have to be washed often. Like pants. Unfitted sheet = underwear for you and your bed. 

  7. Straight comforter I personally think that top sheet is a waste since I never really make our beds. I have seen people make curtains or throw pillows for there bed with them so it all matches. I love how Ryan plugs his nose when he is under the water you would think you grow out of that lol but I still do it to. Its the only way to fully ensure no water in there haha

  8. I sleep with an unfitted sheet. I always have to have something covering me, even when it's hot out. I don't know why but I just do. Many places in Europe don't have unfitted sheets, so when I lived over there I had to get used to sleeping without one…

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