GoPro Wireless Firmware Update Guide – Using GoPro WiFi Smartphone App!

The long awaited Wireless Firmware Updates are finally here!!
Here we look into how to update your GoPro Hero 3 or 3+ camera firmware in a couple of easy steps, without the need for any computer or any cables whatsoever!
Get the benefit of the latest updates and fix those bugs at the same time!

Intro – 0:00
Wireless Updating Is Here! – 0:44
Before You Begin – 1:04
Checking for Updates – 1:51
Updating Your Camera – 2:48
Final Thoughts – 5:23

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49 thoughts on “GoPro Wireless Firmware Update Guide – Using GoPro WiFi Smartphone App!

  1. Nice simplified way you say?? Me thinks not. Ifti….your phone's time stamp has outed you my friend. At the start your phone indicates a time of 10:28am. As your video progresses, we can see you were still dealing with the update process as late as 2:05pm. Hell that might even be the next day for all we know. So….what have we learned? That even Ifti aka Mr. Go Pro himself finds the product hard to use and spends the bulk of his time in the editing room trying to make owning and using a Go Pro simple . Sorry but Go Pro still get a C grade in the "average joe" user ability dept.

  2. I updated my gopro hero 3 silver + using the sd card and downloaded the update directly from their site. The thing is, the app is 2.7 whereas the site is 2.0. So i decided to go and try and install the update via the app. Despite my attempts i do not get the drop down menu to install and im just stuck in a loop trying to find a solution. Please someone help.

  3. little feedback: I followed step by step but I couldn't get the "update arrow" icon on my LG G2 Android. Finally, I switched on-off-on the autodownload option at the android app settings. It woke up, and there it appeared the icon after 5 seconds. Worked as a charm, thanks for the video!

  4. hi i have the gopro hero 3 + i already have the update but my wifi remote is no longer works so i need to know what happen what can i do with the gopro studio the device doesn´t recognize me please any help thanks

  5. I have a question. In my HERO3+ silver edition protune is not available. can you please tell me why? is there anyway to enable the protune feature? Thank you for all tutorials.   

  6. I recently bought the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition and did the update exactly the way you explained from Iphone GoPro App the download was done but the camera is still showing Updating upto 1 hour now.. What am i supposed to do??

  7. Why can't I play some of my videos with the GoPro App, it has a pop-up that states, PRO LEVEL SETTINGS, your iPhone does not support copy or playback of this file?

  8. Need some help,
    when "camera models" is pressed (to know for which model it should download) the screen remains empty, and I've already connected my hero 3 black addition several times to the app ! And obviously can't download any software update. The automatic detect new update button is on 

  9. Using the Galaxy 4s, GoPro Application (updated today).  The video you show (although for EyePhone) is fine.  However, for us Droid (not R2D2 or C3PO) users, the app downloads the file.  I can't seem to navigate through the Droid application to find the option to upload / reset the Firmware.   Fed Up!  I just went the manual route and downloaded, updated it manually.  Camera is at 2.0. 

  10. Hi there, I have the Hero 3 (Black), and I have download the app to my iPhone. I however do not have the option in the app to select which model it is. How can I be sure that the software update has been installed in the camera itself?

  11. Been having a problem with this auto download and I think it's down to phone getting a poor signal. So went to site to download latest version which is still showing 1.4   Stumped.

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