Great Video Gear for the iPhone and iPad

Susan Roderick reviews her favorite iPhone and iPad accessories for making mobile videos.

Before Ryan Connolly’s CreativeLive class, Guerilla Filmmaking (, Susan Roderick ( showed off her favorite gear shooting video on a mobile device.

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22 thoughts on “Great Video Gear for the iPhone and iPad

  1. Getting into smartphone videography, my self, thank you for this! I'll be shooting with a iPhone 6s+. You might want to look into a 3 axis handheld stabilizer. It can take 90% of the jitter and jarring motion out of a shot. I got one and I love it for flowing action shots! And even slowmo panning shots. Also you are stunning, making it hard to focus on the equipment!

  2. This woman presented what seemed to be good information but she spoke so fast and and used so many abbreviated terms I couldn't keep up with what she was saying. it would have helped to add a typed overlay with the names of some of the equipment she showed and particularly the name of the blog. I thought she was saying formit pro but can't find anything under that name. Good info TERRRIBLE presentation.

  3. Movie pro is more user friendly for beginners and shoot as good Filmic. Beastgrip cases, there is much more available and the issue audio, wireless Bluetooth or UHF or less light for video? This video is my opinion not what you can get but an promotional for those on the table. Typical USA mental pressing, do not think, just believe! After all, the video gives ideas! 

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