Guess Why George Zimmerman Got Kicked Out Of A Bar

George Zimmerman was kicked out of a bar for reasons you won’t be very surprised by. Cenk Uygur, Jimmy Dore, Brett Erlich, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“George Zimmerman was kicked out of a Florida cigar bar after using racial slurs and yelling at a waitress, police said.

The former neighborhood watchman became belligerent at the Corona Cigar Co. outside Orlando, according to a Seminole County Sheriff’s Office report.

Manager Angel Benitez told the Daily News that staff asked an officer who arrived for an incident with someone else in the 33-year-old’s party to remove him after disturbances including yelling at a waitress.

“We don’t tolerate any racial or bad behavior so that’s why we trespassed him,” he said, using a term for asking the police to take someone away.”

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39 thoughts on “Guess Why George Zimmerman Got Kicked Out Of A Bar

  1. I think refraining from the wording he used in the manor done is actually giving that word some power. I am racially mixed. Just say what was said. Its ignorant bigotry and any intelligent person grasps that and no shame on the reporting part.

  2. Zimmerman has a death wish as a result of the post Trayvon miserable life he has to live when he thought everyone would view him as a hero for slaughtering a defenseless seventeen year old black kid whose parents didn't raise right.

  3. Flipping burgers is just as hard as anything? Are you shitting me, Jimmy Dore? This guy is a moron. Yes Cenk, Zimmerman is an obvious Troll. So what do you guys do? You give him attention.

  4. Just let it go already!

    How butthurt can you be to keep making videos about the guy half a decade later. I bet TYT have made like 100+ videos about this dude by now.

  5. When will this clown finally get himself killed? When will this farce of a man finally die in a terribly horrible death? Something like he tries to play hero when he hears a sound and it ends with him being raped by rhino?

  6. The fact that this man is still free is the perfect illustration of how deeply racist and dysfunctional the american justice system is. I can't even believe this man is still alive.

  7. Immediately paused video. I don't want to see even ONE story about this guy again, ever. Unless he is caught and revealed as the Zodiac Killer jr. he is. I don't care about his tweets, his drinking, do NOT give this guy publicity TYT. Shame, shame…shame.

  8. He is a waste to society really do not know why he still lives. I do not think he has a purpose it is not too late to make life way you want it, despite the set backs and mistakes made I know I am one of many, listening to the corrupt and getting more vetoes than a bill going through the US House and Senate saying to keep the peace  did a lot of harm. I nearly faced death last year but my faith says I am not ready to be accepted I still have a purpose .  There are those I am surrounded by think that success should be done by the time you are your thirties and twenties after that you are a lost cause. Corrupt thinking , Third World thinking. Treyvon Martin had a chance that was taken.  Zimmerman has not chance and continues to prolong his fifteen minutes with one midemeanor after the other , he committed first degree man slaughter and that is a serious sentence.  He has not purpose or chane in life EVER. What a sad pathetic joke.

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