GUIDED MEDITATION – Banishing Depression

Set in beautiful, safe surroundings, let a guardian of light show you the way to banishing depression.


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48 thoughts on “GUIDED MEDITATION – Banishing Depression

  1. I find your guided meditation for depression effective for relaxing. However, I hope you will devote several videos to some of the most frustrating symptoms of depression, such as when nothing seems to matter and things seem lifeless without much beauty. Emotional numbness and not seeing any real value in things are probably some of the worst symptoms of depression.
    Since your guided meditations are my favorites, I have a few suggestions. I’m not a person who puts much focus on chakras, but I noticed that there are two chakras that represent the categories where I struggle a lot. These two chakras are the Throat Chakra and the Sacral Chakra. The Throat Chakra seems to be underactive and I experience a lot of problems with communication, self-expression, indecisiveness, and being extremely quiet and introverted. It’s gotten even worse, because at least in the past I was able to express myself well through my writing, but now it has become much harder to do that. The Sacral Chakra also seems underactive and I experience problems with blocked creativity, bottled emotions, perceiving things as lifeless, a lack of enjoyment in things that I used to enjoy, and feelings of guilt. This all feels very strange to me because I used to be a very creative and imaginative person. The effects don’t stop there as I have even experienced physical ailments related to these two chakras. So, any guided meditations on these subjects would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you! :)

  2. When I typically cry I get these nasty headaches, they just won't go away for anything. So tonight being a really emotionally straining one all I wanted to do was fall asleep but couldn't because my head was throbbing. I look up meditation because asmr doesn't seem to make it go away- that's when I saw this video. I just want to give you a big thank you for not only relieving me of my pain but from the chains I was held by :)

  3. This on banishing depression has helped me banish my nightmare disorder of over 50 years. I play it every night and WA LA no worries. I play several others daily too. It's truly a Godsend to me. Thanks is not enough. Love that Aussie accent, too.

  4. your voice is so soothing, so calm, so awesome. my tiredness and stress just went away like magic, poooffffff. Thanks for an amazing video. I wish nothing but the best to your soul :)

  5. This is the most beautiful meditation I have ever come across. I was in absolute awe to the point of crying tears of joy at how wonderful this recording is and now I've found it I will be playing it often. Thanks so much for making and sharing!

  6. I was held by my beloved girlfriend and was being watched over by the Father and the Son. I felt greatly depressed and sad up until I gave all my burdens to her. After that, I felt a total peace, and still do. I have a new safe and happy place to go now. Thank you so much.

  7. total body relaxation, anger release, and this was the perfect cocktail for me. I swear I felt my grandmother's spirit during this. I don't know how wise to explain the nudge I felt on my shoulder. almost like you would do to get someone's attention, or to snap them out of something.

  8. I thought this was absolutely amazing……I have anxiety and sometimes I feel so as sometimes it feels like I will never be happy again…….This has made me feel a whole lot better in terms on how I feel about myself and I hope you can make more of you anxiety and depression videos because you have no idea how much this is helping people like me….Do you think you could do one on suicidal thoughts? Thank you for all that you do and keep up the fantastic work!

  9. That was a great a reminder for the angle guardian. It was so great. Thank you. I will do it every day. Sadness is a state of mind surely, but life's troubles, xenophobia, austerity, bills, makes me sad. If everyone was nice, we would not have to feel left out. Thank you for sharing your lovely meditation, it's really nice.

  10. Thank you so much for uploading this, it truly helped me so much to fight back against my overwhelming anxiety and depression. I came here to stop me acting upon urges and it definitely worked. I even cried, feeling so uplifted having given those feelings away to my guardian. I will share this on my blog now to raise more awareness and help even more of those suffering with mental illness.

  11. **trigger warning (self destructive thoughts) **

    Hello TheHonestGuys.

    Firstly, I would like to thank you for doing what you do on this channel. The last year for me has been very difficult personally, and I have had a great deal of trouble relaxing, sleep, and remaining grounded. Since I stumbled upon this channel around 3 months ago, I've found it much easier to centre myself, and I've used your videos to help relax on multiple occasions.

    On that note, I have a request. Would it be possible for you to make a guided meditation for coping with suicidal thoughts. Before you ask about my situation, I have been getting help with my own situation for some time. However, these guided meditations are helping me control aspects of my life that I have a great deal of trouble talking about, and I think that a meditation that addresses this specific issue would be of great use, for myself as well as many other who struggle with the same problem.

    Thank you, and keep up the good work!

  12. Lovely video, will need to use this one on a daily basis, weird thing was, right at the end, I opened my eyes, and there it was, beautiful bright full moon shining through my window… Thanks a million for uploading this.. :)

  13. Thank you very much. At first i was afraid of going in to the cave, but the further into the meditation i felt so relaxed and filled with love. I feel so much better now. Again, thank you!

  14. Almost always in my life, I have a bag with one clump in it and a name on it. It does weigh down on me, it more often than not really hurts, but it's also my biggest source of euphoria. It's like a drug. I have such a hard time giving it up, I hate it. A lot of comments on this video are relatable. My life is so freaking easy, I am lucky to have what I have, but I am a negative person without what's in the "bag". I always feel like I'm unable to be passionate with anything else, it's awful.

  15. did anyone else cry listening to this for the first time? I did I was kinda confused by it Cause I felt as if I was crying cause I was depressed but then I felt as if I was crying because I felt relief. kinda confusing any suggestions to that??

  16. You Guys are changing the World! This has to be one of your Top meditations. A gift to so many people around the world. I listened to it while in my nightly candlelit bath and it has done wonders to release all the cares, the depression, the despair of the day. THANK YOU and I hope you keep doing these types of mediation that help people who are depressed o in despair, or just simply going through a hard time. I would like to support you in any way I can – I think I shall go to your website to see if I can actually purchase this one so I can listen to it on my iphone as I go to sleep. Big Big Hug to THG's…. ;-)) MaryAnne

  17. Once again, you guys saved my sanity. This video kept me from spiraling into a severe depression episode. I feel so much better after this very beautiful meditation. Thank you so much for saving my life from myself.
    You guys are the most wonderful people I could ever have found. So glad that your videos are just one app away.
    Again, thank you so much.

  18. probably the most helpful thing I've ever found when I comes to releif. sometimes I'm just too far gone in well crap land and I come here, because its safe. I made my gaurdian the most important person to me, my best friend. she's the first one I told about mt self harm and depression, and she helped me through it. this made me really happy thank you

  19. Thank you so much for this. I really needed this things were getting a bit much and I just felt so unhappy and down but as soon as this video started and I came into terms with my emotions I started to cry. After watching this video I feel a lot better☺

  20. guys, you really made changes in my life, probably cos you're "honest".
    It's just sometimes I feel like my head may explode if I don't open my eyes when I go into meditation and imagine the pictures with you, I don't know why.
    My other thing is that I wish that I can last for more than 5 minutes with you without sleeping … ;)

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