24 thoughts on “HakTip – Linux Terminal 101: Controlling Processes

  1. You can do "example.exe" Linux (at least the kernel… this might be different for some distributions) ignores extensions but periods are acceptable characters. Usually you'll see this in executables that were written to work on both linux and windows, but if you're sure the file will never end up on another OS type, it can just as easily be an image you think is excellent or a document for executive eyes only. (I wouldn't recommend that naming scheme, but it's possible to do)

  2. lol, there needs to be a program whereby my Ubuntu desktop has Shannon teaching me how to use it in an interactive way. It'd be really cool. No other help program would rival it! :D

  3. It's not like the whole serverworld, Android, iOS, OS X, most Consoles and all other things that aren't running Windows are Linuxbased, and if you aren't such a smallminded person, you would see the huge benefits linux brings apart from the fact that its absolutely free and opensource…

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