Halo 4 – Gameinformer Leak – My Thoughts (Pretty Much A Rant)

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29 thoughts on “Halo 4 – Gameinformer Leak – My Thoughts (Pretty Much A Rant)

  1. everybody is bitching about halo 4. it doesn't suck. its just is not as good. a new company just made the game iand i am giving them credit. they fucked up armor big time but the multiplayer also is'nt as good but they added good features too. such as the Promethean weapons and spartan ops was good too. it has a story unlike cod. stop being so unfair and being an ass hole to 343.

  2. i remember halo when it first came out over 10 years ago. it brought many of my friends together in the past. but i agree with you dude. this game just fucking blows. halo games are just getting way too cheesey and retarded. fuck this game. no more halo for me. i'll just keep playing Halo CE.

  3. Everything this guy is saying is true for 95 perfect of all halo fans. New fans or halo reach fans would be the 5 percentile. This community has cried out for better and fell on deaf ears. Why? All I can say is that halo 4 will make or brake halo from now on. So sad so sad.

  4. Does anyone realize this is all subject to change.
    Nothing is set in stone the game is still in development even now only three months from the release date they are still tweaking the game.

  5. They just want new people join look at MW3 it had the same purpose to get people to join call of duty in MW3 noobs start of with overpowered weapons and once they get good at it they go to the harder call of duty games . So maybe halo 4 is that mw3 game to get new people to join and the future halo games will get harder so pro halo gamers will probably not like halo 4 . New people cant just start playing halo and have fun because it will be hard 4 them compared to call of duty u have to play h

  6. iv played the very first halo on the first xbox and iv been hooked since there some of the best games iv ever played fuck cod its the same shit over and over and yet tards still buy it i dont get it theres nothing good about cod all they do is flood the stores with there games its like quality and quantity halo is quality and cod is quantity simple as 

  7. For the 100000000th time… I made this video before the rest of the information came out. So stop saying "HE DIDNT DO HIS RESEARCH, HE KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT HALO."

    There wasn't any research at the time… just bullet points that some guy who got the Gameinformer early gave out. 

  8. and did you really think COD was the only video game to have co-op missions? did you think it was the first? did you think they were the first to implement sprinting? people complained that the spartans were too slow in 3, so they bumped it up. Starting with sprint clears that slot for other abilities so you're not feeling tied down to sprint in order to win.

  9. you said that they're implementing things from other games. you also mentioned how it's not fair that a player who's played more has a better chance of killing than someone who's played less based on unlockables. every game's like that. The starting kit weapons and equipment in BF3 are pretty weak compared to later unlocks. In MW3, the guns and perks you first start off with won't get you as far as someone who's level 70-whatever-prestige

  10. Halo Is Halo And It Always Have Been, You Need To Chill Out And Deal With It, Halo Has Gone Though A Lot Of Changes, And Change Is Part Of Life So Chill The Fuck Out, I Know How You Feel, I Grow Up With Halo To, And Its My Reason Too For Xbox, But Your Making A Big Deal Out Of Nothing

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