Healthy Relationship: Yuri getting a Job – Welationship (ep1)

Bruce is an aspiring entrepreneur, but Yuri wants the provincial life. Her dream is to be an employee and work 9-5. She is really not into Youtube or making money online its just not her thing. Finally, Bruce has learned to accept it. She will finally be able to accomplish her dream since Bruce has stop pushing his crazy dreams on Yuri.

Congratulations Yuri on your new job!

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34 thoughts on “Healthy Relationship: Yuri getting a Job – Welationship (ep1)

  1. He seems like a control freak! He doesn't want you to go out there make your own money, be independent. Or he's insecurities kicks in, as pretty as you are he doest want any men be looking at you.

  2. Just let her work outside of the home to get a different environment. It will be good for your relationship as well. So she can have her own money. Even though u say the money is not that big but it will be good for her sanity. You guys can still go on trips or on vacation even if she has a full time job. People do it all the time.

  3. I've been self employed my whole adult life. I've owned martial art schools and other businesses since age 22, and only used a bank loan to finance my first location. since then I've used seed money from my business or supplemented with money made from regular employment. I think I understand your wife's point: Regular employment gives you a guaranteed amount of money, something in a short amount of time. risk taking and investments are not guaranteed. if I need a specific amount of money for a purpose, I will work for someone to get it if my businesses do not provide enough. I am trying to teach my children the same lessons, however I did agree (yesterday in fact) to allow my oldest son to get a job at the drug store. next year when we move back to the Philippines I am opening him a business. hopefully the lessons he learns from the job will make him successful in business.

    second point: you can't expect everyone to believe in the same dream you have. this is your dream, not hers. as an adult, she should have the freedom to do as she pleases. give her your opinion (not argue, just make your point then be done with it) and leave it there. but then PROVE your point by showing her. it will be far most offective than ten arguments about it. this works wonders in relationships.

    finally (for Yuri), your husband is right. you can make far more money with an online business than some job. when you leave the job, your no longer making money. but an online business will make you money while you sleep, while you go to the gym, while you cook, etc. But you have to work your butt off at it to build it, and anytime you spend working for someone else takes away from the empire he is trying to build. if I could offer some advice its this: go ahead and work, but for a specific amount of time. maybe six months, then quit. save EVERY dime you make from that job, then go back to building. you'll see that it's worth it. don't spend the money, it will put you back in the position your in before you get the job.

    have either of you read Tim Ferris's The Four Hour Work Week? I highly recommend it. I'd be happy to buy you guys a copy if you like. :-). Keep the videos coming!!!!

  4. Yuri and Bruce, thank you for your very candid video. The conversation about having a job and working is one any couple needs to have, and the earlier in the relationship the better. My fiancee and I watched the video together and we had agreed previously that she can work after our daughter is acclimated to her new environment (she's 13 and learning english…). Relationships are give and take, and when you find that one person that is your soulmate, you should want her to achieve her individual goals as well as the goals you have set for the family and yourself.

    I work outside of the home and I can't wait to get off knowing that she is home waiting for me or vice versa. I would look at it as a positive, and it should bring about positive results. "How was your day?" Or, "I really missed you, come sit by me" are some of the things I would say to build up and not tear down. Sometimes working closely together can steal moments like those because you both think you know how your mate is because you see them throughout the day. I was in a relationship where my spouse after a time seemed like she just wasn't interested in me at all, and whatever I did or tried to do was never good enough. I was lonely and miserable, but still stayed in the relationship because I did not want to fail…. again. She finally asked for a divorce, and after 4 years of really finding out who I was again and what type of person I desired to have in my life, I found my soulmate Arjerie….. 8,000 miles away, but closer to me than any other woman i've ever met.

    We desire to grow together while respecting and encouraging each other to pursue their life's goals and celebrating the triumphs when we do. Arjerie and EricaMae just passed their Embassy Interview (9/27), and Arjerie has completed her CFO class (9/28). There is a different CFO class for children, and they must have their visa in order to schedule an appointment for them. We are looking for a flight to the U.S. on 10/20/16! Thank you so much Yuri and Bruce for your videos. Take care

  5. Hi Yuri & Bruce!

    You two do such a good job giving out ideas to others! This seems like a great idea for me to perhaps return the favor. I think you both have some valid points. Bruce is very driven and has some goals in mind. That's a VERY good thing! Better than a man who has no idea what is wants out of life or no idea how to get it. Yuri has a strong sense of duty to family on many fronts and this part time job seems like maybe it will help her out while helping her explore some more healthy work/home/business running balance.

    You make other points as well, but one that I didn't hear that I think might have been part of your discussions off screen is really the quality of content. Look at many bloggers when they respond to fans and talk about how to get started. One of the first things you'll probably hear is that if you're doing this for passion, then you'll eventually succeed if you just apply some common sense to it. The common sense is there, you guys are improving with each video and have a method. But that passion is something that can be snuffed out or even partially muted by going too hard, too long. Everyone has limits. Maybe slowing things down and letting everyone have room will ensure a longer run of more passion to the core task of helping others?

    You help them by helping yourselves in this way. Thats a fair and rational trade if you ask me!

    I hope you two take time when you are reading through the comments to truly understand the positive impact you're making out there. There are plenty of people who spend day and night trying to find ways to make the world a worse place. You two are building value by trying to bring people together in many ways, while at the same time keep your own relationship strong! There's a lot of good in that, and I hope that is not overlooked or undervalued. Sometimes we get so zoomed in on a process or numbers that we forget to widen that focus and zoom out a bit; don't lose the forest for the trees. Focus on that general idea as a mission statement and apply the logic you're using to improve content and target new groups of people and success will come in time and these decisions about working in the home or out will be academic.

    Just my $0.02.

  6. I believe building or getting assets is very important in times like these where the economy isnt really so upthere right now , i understand Yuri,s point and it really makes sense what her motives are , everyone wants to reach there goals faster as opotunity has a habit of getting away fast, but on the other hand i see where bruce is coming from and he also has a point but at the end of the day you both must take into consideration each other opinions and find a fair solution , and its possible , thankyou both for the video ,GODBLESS .

  7. Bruce and Yuri here you go both of you are right. Bruce you keep chasing your dream but if she can bring in some steady money it is a good thing. You saying to her she is taking a minimum  wage job but heath care is a good job and will not stay at minimum. I could see in the video's she was getting stress trying to day trade. It is a big gamble and a lot of risk and also gains. you would be way ahead in the game is to take a percentage of what Yuri makes and invest in long term stocks. That is where your long term money is not in gambling on day trades. Then both of you win. The stocks you buy can be used as capital to back you other investments. Thank for giving her a chance to get away from the day trading it is not good for her stress level. Good luck and I do hope you get to be millionaires. Filipino's are very sensitive about doing anything that hurts the family and every bad trade makes it very hard to deal with emotionally. love you both and God bless you both.

  8. You guys are both adults and understand the wants and needs from each others. It is really awesome you have to share your personal life in public with us strangers…I would never have the courage to do the same  when it comes to myself and my future wife. It will all be private.
    But I sense that Yuri needs fresh breath of air away from doing the daily youtube thing. Most people don't understand how hard and stressful to create one video. I for one will vote for Yuri to get a part time job and test the water out there. Maybe it turns out to be not something she wants to do and stick to Videos, or might turn out to be something she ENJOYS more. With Yuri's personality and communication skills, I am sure there are professional jobs with way much higher pay, not to mention all the benefits that comes with it…Best of Luck to you guys and stay stronger!!

  9. I know what you saying Bruce and I understand her to. Bruce some people don't see that the end of the day that a minimum rage job or sometimes more will still take even more money out the house. With gas, car maintenance , food and etc. I work for my self and ill take days to go out and be around people and intereact. At the end of the day to me if I pay some one and hour wage i can get whole lot work done. It matter how hard you work them . Or how hard they work. At the end I rather make my pockets fatter than another persons. I don't like making another person rich. or etc you get the picture.

  10. My visa process is currently at the Manila Embassy location in philippines. After my gf gets here, she'll help me with my business and she'll probably get a job after we are married. She understands that our end goal is that neither of us will have a job, but i think its ok for us to work until our passive income exceeds our expenses. Then we will both quit our jobs. She is currently a team leader at google in philippines and i am currently a senior CAD operator for an engineering firm. Neither of us want to work, but we're ok with both of us working until we achieve our goals.

  11. There isn't much I hate more than a boss. I hatted going to the office. You can't take a job with you to the Philippines or anywhere else. They pretty much want you to show up and spend time there. For myself I value business a lot more because it is up to you on how much you make and are willing to work hard. I love business but it isn't for everyone. You have to motivate yourself. That being said my wife doesn't need help with motivation. She works hard.

    However my wife wanted to get a job. She found it was easy to get a job here in the US. She was surprised when she was just offered jobs and had to choose between them. She didn't have to sit in a Q all day just to get an interview. She is a waitress now at a steak house and does very well with tips.

    If you work then put the money you make into business investments and things that appreciate in value. We live on my families ranch so we have lots of space. We use the money to buy goats. Goats give birth to twin babies at least every year and they are easy to sell. If you buy a car it will go down in value and it is a pain in the ass to sell.

  12. Rest assured that you and Bruce will achieve your goal of financial independence. Why is that…genuine, likeable, intelligent, willingness to think out of the box, strong work ethic. As you know, most entrepreneurs have failed in various ventures before their ship came in. Can't blame Bruce for being concerned about your welfare out there interacting with the public in the current social environment, but at least CP is relatively safe.

  13. Marriage is compromise.  Marriage is also about supporting each other to create a happy home environment.  Money has to be made to survive but each household decides which is the best route for the family to achieve this goal. You both have very strong opinions to how you want to make money.  Work together and don't allow the financial stress to dictate how you live your lives.  Many couples have done this, they have money, are financially independent, but they are miserable together. What was the point?  A goal could be that you start working to live off of one income and then Yuri could do whatever she wants to make money. That would be a "Win/Win" for both of you.  Just a suggestion.

  14. You need to let your wife experience what it is like to work for someone else. That way she will realize how much better it is to work for yourself. And having personal time is something all couples need.

  15. Omg same here, am feeling the same way. I so wanna work!!. It's frustrating am just here at home, i don't have any friends, and the main thing is that, i don't wanna ask my husband for every thing that i need.

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