How to add a picture on itunes (cover art) (the easiest tutorial)

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JCristobalProduction is gonna show you how to add pictures or cover arts into your songs on itunes, its easy and fast!!! If you like it just click the LIKE button and leave comments. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!
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24 thoughts on “How to add a picture on itunes (cover art) (the easiest tutorial)

  1. I prefer to use TunesGo to back up/Transfer photos, or other files from iPhone to PC, from iPad to iPhone,between iOS deviceswithour itunes limitations, or between iPhone and iTunes, it's effortless.

  2. It depends on the format of the sound file. I tried adding cover art myself and found that most music on iTunes uses MPEG-4 (".m4a"/"AAC" audio files), while other types such as MPEG-3 (".mp3") or WAV do not work. You may want to check the extension of the music file.

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