How to Automatically Delete Duplicates in iTunes – Automatically delete duplicates in iTunes! Find and Delete Duplicate Files on a Mac, and speed up your Macbook, or other Apple computer hard drive.

Hi folks! Today I’m going to show you how to speed up and clean your Mac.
There are several factors that can slow down your computer: too many applications open at the same time, too little RAM and of course, the tons of duplicates that waste space on your hard disk.
Therefore, the first thing you should do is quit all open applications. One thing that you might find useful is to restart your computer regularly; some applications, even after quitting them, still take up memory; only a restart of the computer can bring that memory back.
To delete the duplicates you definitely need some software to do the work for you; you can’t even think about doing it manually!
The software I use is Tidy Up; it’s the best duplicate file finder for Mac you can find; it’s the fastest, most featured and it’s easy to use…


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