How to Backup iTunes | Call 1-877-587-1877 for support

Get to know the steps for How to backup iTunes. Copy the itunes library to External Storage Device or Cloud.
User can easily follow the steps to backup iTunes playlists, on icloud, on iphone, on pc, music, etc.
The Support is been provided by the Customer Service Experts, Customer Support Experts at the toll free Helpline Number 1-877-587-1877.

Steps to Backup Itunes library could be given as:
1. Launch itunes on your Mac
2. Click File
3. In drop down Menu, goto Library
4. Now, In Secondary Menu, Select Organize Library
5. In Organize Library Window, tick Consolidate Files
6. Click Ok

— This will copy All the Files in iTunes Media Folder.

Now Copy Itunes Library to Backup Space
1. Connect the External Storage Device
2. On Finder Window, Click Finder
3. Selct Mac’ Hard Drive
4. Click On Music Folder
5. Select iTunes, and Copy That Folder to External Hard Drive
6. Click Authenticate, when Prompted to give permission to copy folder.
7. Enter Administration…


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