How to Build A Living Room In Minecraft Xbox 360 (Interior Tutorials)

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In this episode of furnishing tutorials we make a living room in the city texture pack! If you want to see more tutorials go check out our playlist linked below.
Previous interior tutorials:
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6 thoughts on “How to Build A Living Room In Minecraft Xbox 360 (Interior Tutorials)

  1. Hey i'm friends with Kyle on Xbox and me and my friend who owns the channel JMASTERGAMING were wondering if your team could build a signature house on his city world. It would be a good way to support both of the channels as we would make a tour video of it. 

  2. I didn't look yet to see if yall already did a tutorial on it (I haven't been on YouTube in awhile) but could yall do a kitchen tutorial cuz I always do a similar kitchen in every house and need some fresh new ideas! 

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