How to Cancel YouTube Red Free Trial

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35 thoughts on “How to Cancel YouTube Red Free Trial

  1. Why the fuck would you people choose the free trial without any money just incase you couldnt unsubcribe from the free trial?? Its your own dumb ass fault I mean seriously, at least go in with a back up!

  2. Hi. My free trial ended yesterday, and I cancelled it before that, but i still have youtube red, when i go to manage subscriptions, the trial has expired AND I'm not subscribed to any other option, I'm just wondering if i would still be charged later on.

  3. Wait even after the free trial you'll still get charged? I don't understand please help me out and explain it to me because I was curious I downloaded YouTube red I deleted it and when I open YouTube it says YouTube red, I unsubscribed from YouTube red though, but I just wanna know if my free trial ends? Will I still be charged or is it just simply a free trial?

  4. After I went to settings and pressed on the Subscriptions button. It just went white. The whole screen didn't turn white because I saw what time it was and stuff on the top but in the settings app if I go there it's just white. It also doesn't show the Automatic Renewal button.

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