32 thoughts on “How to Change SoundCloud Profile URL 2016

  1. For anyone who has trouble saving any changes (clicking save but nothing happens – edit screen stays opened and no success message pops up) this might be the issue:

    "If you get an error message or are unable to save changes when trying to register a URL that appears not to be in use, and you’ve gone through the troubleshooting steps here, it may be that the URL has been suspended and cannot be released." – Soundcloud support.

    I had the same issue with a 4 character URL (too short?) and just picked a longer one. Saved right away. Give it a try!

  2. Sorry, but this categorically does not work.
    The idea is that if you paste the new URL into your browser and hit 'enter', then you will be taken to your Soundcloud account with the new name, right?

  3. Y is it so hard to do a simple thing as changing my profile pic.
    Regardless ov wat device I'm using come on u soundcloud ppl I'm sure u made enough money to do a simple task as getting ur finger out ov ur ARSE n do something about this pls. As I do like ur app etc but a pic change how hard can it b ?

  4. I can't save the changes… When I click save, the window remains there and the text "your settings have been updated successfully" won't pop out. Help me!

  5. I had the issue where the edit button was not on the page. I figured out that my browser was blocking what it said was an old version of adobe flash (if I remember right). I allowed it and it showed up.

  6. every-time I want to change the name of the URL i get Only numbers, letters, underscores and hyphens are permitted. even by adding number this shits keep pop up and I can't click save at all!!

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