How to Configure External Storage in ownCloud Server 8.1

ownCloud offers a mechanism for consolidating access to various backend storage systems using the External Storage application.

In this video, we will walk you through enabling such an external storage, making it available to the users on an ownCloud server.

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11 thoughts on “How to Configure External Storage in ownCloud Server 8.1

  1. Blurry and overall derpy. Try adding the hard stuff like external storage for samba or cifs shares. What I hate about YouTube is everyone beats up the easy stuff. Ugh, another derpy video about frivolous options that are easy to configure.

  2. WHAT!!   Now add it, now for the group for the amin user, now that it's been added, we can see it in the account, in the files menu, and under users pics, there  you will develop a pending headache, which you'll not be able to calculate the size as my brain calculates too slow. blah blah blah blah you talk too fast, Aaauuugh!!! Good job anyway.

  3. You lost me at 2:17 do you have another video that shows how to compete the task after 2:17 adding permissions to the admin user you glossed over this and moved so fast I can not duplicate the task I rewound the video to 2:08 and watched it 4-5 times your talking 100 miles an hour and changing screens at almost the speed of light their is no way for me to follow this.

    I cant believe you guys make these videos going so fast and talk so fast its almost as if the videos are intended for users that has logged hundreds or thousands of hours using owncloud or maybe for the people who designed and built owncloud, I have seen the user interface about 1/2 hour in my life have no clue what your doing, where your going , not use to the owncloud lingo…

    Try doing some videos for people who have never seen owncloud before, stop glossing over the important details, no caffeine the day you produce the video, talk slower, move between menus and screen changes slower, PAUSE on the menus so we can catch a glimpse at what you just clicked on.

  4. You lost me at 2:18 on adding the folder you have to slow down I cant even see the mouse pointer I just see things flashing back and forth then you say tada done. Even rewinding and watching 3 times I cant duplicate what you did on my machine.

  5. How do I add a external hard drive that contains my pictures, do you have a tutorial on how to figure out the path to the drive, the path I need to type into my box so it can be seen on the cloud? Its my M: drive on my computer….

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