How To Delete Duplicates In iTunes

Quick video on how delete duplicate tracks in iTunes.

Duplicate tracks just take up unnecessary space on your computer so it’s always a good idea to periodically check for and delete them.

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Transcript: Welcome to thirty secs. To check for duplicate items in iTunes, first make sure that you click on ‘music’, then go to the toolbar and click on ‘view’. ‘Show duplicate items’.

Be aware that not all items show may not be duplicates. Check that the times are different. If any are the same they are likely to be duplicates and you can delete the duplicate items.


2 thoughts on “How To Delete Duplicates In iTunes

  1. Ok looked everywhere for info about the new iTunes with the red icon, if like me you had no 'file, edit, view ect' click the shift button and it will appear at the top like always.

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