How To Downgrade From iOS 7 Beta to iOS 6

All the steps:
Step 1. Back up your device (really important)
Step 2.Download the latest iOS 6 firmware for your device from this website :
Step 3.Launch iTunes and put ur device in a DFU mode.
Step 4.Hold down the Alt/Option key (Shift in Windows) and click the Restore iPhone button.
step 5. ounce your iphone was restored you want to “restore from back up” and you want to select ur latest back up.


17 thoughts on “How To Downgrade From iOS 7 Beta to iOS 6

  1. I have an iphone 4s AT&T. I updated to ios 7 and my factory settings changed. My iphone was unlocked because I was with Net10. Will I be able to go back with net10 once I downgrade? 

  2. Here are the steps for windows :
    1) go to “Control Panel”.
    2) In Control Panel go to “Appearance and Personalization”.
    3) and then “Folder Options” & open it.
    4) you will then see three tabs on the top of the window.
    Select “View” then scroll down, find the following option & make sure it is UNCHECKED: “Hide extensions for known file types”.
    go back to your zip file and you will see in the name of it .ZIP as the extension on the name of the file change this to .IPSW

    and that's it:)

  3. Hi, I downloaded the IOS file for iPhone 4S and downloaded it to my desktop and it appeared as a zipped folder not the icon you got. Is there a way to un zip it or get the file you got ? Thanks :)

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