How to Exit Stuck HeadPhone Mode on iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s & Plus

Three options to exit or get out of a stuck headphone mode on your iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus & 6s Plus. Please indicate which method worked for you.

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39 thoughts on “How to Exit Stuck HeadPhone Mode on iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s & Plus

  1. My iphone 6 plus dropped in 3 inches of water deep. I quickly picked it up and later found out there was no sound. It showed up as being on headphone mode. I shut it off immediately with a hard reset. Hold down side and center home button for 7 seconds. I then grabbed a blow dryer and turned it on 3 feet away from the phone, blowing directly on the headphone jack for 10 minutes. I didn't turned it on until the phone cooled off. Turned it on and voila, worked again. Hope this helps someone.

  2. I just watched this video and none of the options worked but I tried calling someone and put the call on speaker and kept adjusting the volume making sure the volume symbol wouldn't disappear and I went to home screen and opened an ap started typing and it worked

  3. I drop my iphone 6 plus into the toilet by accident, and it kept working but suddenly got stuck on headphone mode…. i was very sad , cause i always put some music while washing the dishes, put videos to my kids, and when they are about to go to bed i put some music for them to relax, I do not know why you post this video, maybe you like to help others or you love tech, but i want to thank you, you have saved me and my two boys, they're 1 and 4 years old, thank so so much!!! I browse for help, and not even in the apple support could help me! I was about to cry when I found your video… Gracias desde méxico, So thanks again!!!

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