How To Find And Delete Duplicate Files (Windows 7/windows 8.1). Try

Find duplicate files, fast!
Can find duplicate from a selected set of folders (i.e., not from whole drive).
Allows important folders you wish to be excluded from scanning altogether.
Can use wild cards and protects the windows and system folders.
Find true duplicates (files with the same content)
Lots of advanced search methods
Find duplicate documents, songs, photos, videos, and Outlook e-mails
Ultra-fast search
100% accuracy
Flexible file scan settings
Live preview for safer search
Undo button for emergency recovery
Sync with iTunes, iPhoto, and Windows Media Player
Wizard and Assistant for super-easy duplicate file management
Protection of system files and folders
Resizable popup picture viewer.
Save job session and results for later review.
Cleaner hard drives means faster performance.
Fast Scanning and accurate duplicate comparison.
Locate duplicate music (includes MP3, iTunes (M4A) and more.)
Find Similar images (resized, rotated, edited and…


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