2 thoughts on “How to find deleted text messages on iPhone 6Plus/6/5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS

  1. I tried this from their website yesterday….my iPhone got stuck on the "connect to iTunes", when I tried the power/home key trick, I got stuck in the apple logo loop.  Cluster!!  Got online with Apple tech & they got my phone into a recovery mode.  I had the choice of trying to recover (back to the point where my phone had been) or reinstall software, which would wipe out all contacts, messages, apps, the whole shebang.Went with the restore & it worked!  Still looking for the software that will get back an entire 3 month long message string, but I won't be using these guys again!  Beware!!!!!  If you're stuck in the loop too, reply to me & I'll maybe throw together an edited version of the fix from Apple.  Or just email it!  lol

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