How to Find lost android phone online

Let’s have a look as how you can track,locate and find your Android phone via various methods.

1.  Google’s Android Device Manager

It’s the official tool from Google to track your android phones and tablets by signing in to Android Device Managerwebsite. Once you log in using your Google account Id which you used to setup your device, you will be able to track and locate it. You need to choose among the devices on the website if there are many. Once you choose it, then it will show you the location on the map and you can perform some other functions as well.


There are some requirements before you will be able to do it :

Lost/Stolen Android mobiles must be connected to the Google Account.Internet access to the lost android phone is must. Nothing can be done if there is no internet.You must have enabled Android Device Manger to track your mobile through Google app settings.  ( Normally it’s ON by default)

If you believe that you satisfy above 3 conditions…


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