32 thoughts on “How To Fix A Leaking Washing Machine Kenmore 80 Series DIY

  1. I am a 71 year old woman and with his helpful instructions was able to replace my pump and it worked.. So thankful as it not only saved me money, but was able to keep my machine as I have not heard of good reports on the newer ones. Thanks.

  2. Thank you so much! This was super helpful. I have now repaired both my dryer and washer that are over 25 years old for less than $60! I really appreciate you taking the time to post this. I couldn't have done it without you! My husband is thrilled.

  3. Hey hope you'll respond since this is an old video. I want to inspect my machine for the source of the underneath & behind water leak. Would it be safe to run the machine with the case taken off as you've shown at the beginning, but leaving all the wiring attached? And just in case, do you know the part # of the hoses? Thanks in advance!

  4. Thank you so much for this video clips which help me to replace the Washer internal drain hose. It cost me only $15 for the hose @ Sears. 🙂
    Great instruction video.

  5. Hi, I have this same washing machine. I appreciate the help in how to easily disassemble the machine. I quickly found the problem, but I am not finding the model number. It's an old machine I purchased used. The metal plate with the model number is missing and I need to get a hose for it, which I cannot do without that number. Your assistance (If you still have the machine) and prompt reply is very much appreciated. Please let me know if you know the model number for it. Thanks!

  6. Just fixed mine today! Thought I was going to have to take all the screws off the back but this video saved me the headache 🙂 Took about 20 minutes to change out the pump. I spent another hour just cleaning all the filth in between the drums. Thanks for the video!!!

  7. Question: Was yours like a small leak? Mine is pouring out almost as fast as it goes in, and it started doing it suddenly. Suddenly as in the wash before the gushing fine, then run for higher ground!

  8. thanx for heads up, just knowing how to disassemble and diagnose a small leak has saved me at least a hundred bux (more than likely old lady would just run out and buy another new machine with no parts avail, lol).

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