How To Get A Movie On iTunes, Netflix & Hulu by Jason Brubaker







21 thoughts on “How To Get A Movie On iTunes, Netflix & Hulu by Jason Brubaker

  1. It's not just the older demographic who still buy DVDs and Blu-rays. People who have vacation homes in far flung areas or who live far out of town still buy discs. Also, there is a segment of the population who is concerned about a future failure in online service. And there is a segment of movie lovers who HATE any kind of lag and will only watch movies on Blu-ray.

  2. I enjoyed the interview, however I think the title is a little misleading as you never really told us how to get our movie on any of the above mentioned, especially netlix.  Do you have a video that tells us the steps we take or how to go about doing so?  Thanks! 

  3. Not so much. The BTS stuff is a little harder to do with VOD. My suggestion is to release teaser BTS footage to help you build buzz around your movie. You can also utilize Chill's merchandise offering to include BTS footage as a downloadable extra. 

  4. Hi Devon – if you're looking for Hulu, you will need to find an aggregator with a relationship. You mentioned some of the sources I'm familiar with. Outside of them, you may want to reach out to some encoding houses to find out if they can also help you get on Hulu. Let me know if you have more questions. Happy to help. 

  5. (Continued) We have no name stars or selling points besides some festival accolades and a successful kickstarter campaign and I'm thinking we'd probably need an aggregator to get on Hulu. Any suggestions about what to do would be phenomenal!

  6. Hey! Just found out about Chill and I'm eager to learn. I have an independent feature called "I Snatched Andy Warhol" that I want to release on Hulu. The reason I prefer Hulu to any other platform is because my company's mission is to make our work available to the general public for free, but we'd still love to generate a little revenue via Hulu's advertising split scenario. Unfortunately, Distribber and 101 Distribution seem to be down right now, and I'm not sure what to do.

  7. Great, I've bookmarked Chill, I'll have to ask my distro if they are aware of it too. MVD entertainment group. They do a lot of rockumentary titles. A great distributor/partnership. I've been with them since 1999. I have not gone from DVD to Blu-ray. Not sure if blu-ray will be around for long. Thank you I check this out. 

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