29 thoughts on “How to hack any Android Device (Kali Linux 2.0)

  1. Can anyone help me? When I try to open "Shell.apk" on my phone it just open directory with files like AndroidManifst.xml, MEtA-INF, classes.dex, resources.arsc. How do I instal it to get "MainActivity"?

  2. I did everything correctly, but I did local host instead of my ip, will this change anything? 'my pc did not read that I opened the apk'

    EDIT: ok I fixed this problem, but when I try and open it, it said main activity is not working, and I never got any response from my pc

  3. What if the target is not on the same LAN and you have no idea of there IP meaning that you can't port forward anyways as you don't know the targets IP address then what?

  4. Im having a problem with my ip/inet address. My inet address is and i want to get a static but just curious would this still work if i dont have a static ip. If i try to change my inet address ifconfig eth0 but then my internet goes away. Server not found when i try to go on gmail. Sorry for my bad english…

  5. I have an issue here… Im good all the way to the part at 5:20, MainActivity does popup on my applications list on my phone but once i click on it to open, it then gives me a toast message saying "Application not installed" and then disappears on me. But the weird thing is if I go on Titanium Backup to check the processes, it shows the app as installed so I can back it up and uninstall it, etc. But for some reason… when I click on it, it wont register with the Meterpreter session leaving with only the message "Starting the payload handler…" and not noticing any connection. Can anyone help me out here?

    NOTE: I did upload the shell.apk file on MEGA and then download it on my phone using the MEGA app but I did not mess with anything related to Apache as shown in 4:104:20 as I was not sure what to do during that segment, hence I skipped that 10 second part… was that a mistake?

  6. In the Video ,We can hack android phone within our Internal Network..which it worked because of same Network..Now ,,How do you do when the Victim is outside the network with 3g or Another Network, Which IP do i have to assign (whether External public ip or Internal ip) in msfvenom or msfconsole to Connect.

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