How to have iTunes organize all your music into one folder

Organize your iTunes music library so all your media files will be located in one place on your computer as well as have added files to the library get added to your iTunes music folder.


19 thoughts on “How to have iTunes organize all your music into one folder

  1. I see you listen to some classical music, so perhaps you have a concern that has bothered me.  iTunes organizes first by Artist and only then by Album Title, when it places songs into folders.  Most of my albums have different artist info for different tracks, so iTunes divides an album into several folders, making it hard to find all the tracks of an album on the physical hard drive.  iTunes doesn't customize to allow the user to organize library by Album Title and then Artist, but that's what I'd like to do.  I have 500+ GB of music, so I can't do it by hand.  

    Do you know of an app or script that will rearrange my music library.  I can then un-check the box for letting iTunes organize the music, and manually organize any new music I add to the library.

  2. I want iTunes AUTOMATICALLY to see and use the default music folder in windows 7. If I add music to my computer I want iTunes to see it in the music folder without having to keep manually adding new music files or folders to iTunes (ALSO WITHOUT MAKING COPIES) or do I have to buy a mac…

  3. It really is that easy, and the best part is you can show off your creation to the world using the software's built in YouTube uploader!!! ALL THE SUPPORT..advice, guidance,tips..needed to succeed watch free video MUSICMAKER.NETNE.NET

  4. @YourFanForLife23 Right click the song/album and click on Get Info. Check if the info of the song or album is the as the other one will all of the songs. If there's anything different, make the info the same as the other album and your problem should be fixed. 

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