How to Install Pixel Launcher as System App!

Here’s how to install Pixel Launcher as System App on any rooted Android device! This will allow you to get the swipe-to-left Google Now feature.

Download & Step-by-Step Tutorial Here:

Also see How to Install Google Assistant on any rooted Android:

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32 thoughts on “How to Install Pixel Launcher as System App!

  1. how to uninstall this app. when I deleted the .apk file that you provided after delete when any app I install my device says unfortunately stopped also I'm unable to disable that. what can I do now

  2. You forgot to mention: To even install the Pixel Launcher (doesn't matter if in system or just installing the APK) it requires Android 6.0 or higher. I just saw a comment that said that it doesn't work with Lollipop or older.

  3. i got it rooted but now it says wifi disabled and also titanium backkup says no apps are backed up even though i see all the backed up apps in es file explorer please help someone +Max Lee

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