How to Make Albums in iTunes

Tutorial on how to make albums in itunes. If you didn’t understand something just leave me a comment and I’ll answer your question.


40 thoughts on “How to Make Albums in iTunes

  1. I just made an updated version of this video on my channel. "How to make a customized album on itunes, Very easy to follow tutorial in 4k new for 2016. Go check it out!

  2. How do you make a song part of two albums? This is so I can have tracks on both compilation discs and studio albums, not have to have two tracks of the same song (saving space), but still have a full album experience (I love listening to albums beginning to end, and missing just one track – no matter how bad it is, ruins it). 

  3. THANK YOU!! Ive been trying to find out how to combine albums & your explaination is very easy to follow. Other people made it so confusing, so thanks for posting :)

  4. Yes, you can. Just not in iTunes. For something like that I would use GarageBand. Just drag all of the songs you want onto the same track in GarageBand and export it to your iTunes.

  5. Yeah, no problem! I am hoping to get more popular so that others can figure out how to do this stuff. It would be great if you could share my videos or subscribe. I know it seems like "oh hey! Subscribe to me! I want to be famous!" but that's not what I'm looking for. I just want to help people out and get to the point where people are like "Hey can you make a tutorial on how to do blah blah blah" and I'll make a tutorial to help them out and help others.

  6. I would try individually naming the artist on each song and do not put in anything for the album name and after you have done that to all of the songs just put them all together as an album called X mix. Hope it helped
    Thanks for watching

  7. hey i really need the way great i want to create an album but there are different artist..for example i want an album named X..with songs by jimmin hendrix, billy talent, green day etc…when i try this it creates multiple do i make it one album?

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