How to Make All Songs in iTunes the Same Volume

Have you ever been listening to a song, it ends, and then the next song plays a lot louder and it hurts your ears? This simple iTunes preference change fixes that.


31 thoughts on “How to Make All Songs in iTunes the Same Volume

  1. Kid I'm a dj great video good job it helped me I'm 35 boy I was wondering why most of my music was sounding off once all the loud one will be not enough loud and now thanks to video I figured it out and I have over 5000 music videos that sound the same thanks kid

  2. Wow!…It´s busy adjusting more than 5000 of my songs! I recently learned to go to "get info" "options" and increase the volume of that particular song from there. Your way is much easier! (if it works) Thank you very much for this tutorial. ;)

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