How to make Custom Text or Ringtones on iPhone FREE without Jailbreak

This is a tutorial on how to create a custom text and ringtone on an iPhone WITHOUT needing a jailbreak.
iPhone running iOS 5 or up
iTunes 10.5 or up
Windows might have similar steps but not sure


30 thoughts on “How to make Custom Text or Ringtones on iPhone FREE without Jailbreak

  1. stole this but it works for windows 7

    Go to Start » Control Panel » Appearance and Personalization
    -Choose Folder Options » View tab
    -Uncheck 'Hide extensions for known file types' » Click OK » Exit Control Panel
    -Right Click on m4a file » Rename file to m4r » Pop Up window Click Yes

    stole this but it works for window 7

  2. You can also use Audacity.

    1) Edit Audio file in Audacity
    2) Export to "M4A (AAC) Files"
    3) Choose file location to save
    4) Rename file and change extension from ".m4a" to ".m4r" (YES to confirming you want to change the file extension/type)
    5) Plug iPhone in
    6) Download and install iFunBox
    (iFunBox works with or without Jailbreak)
    7) Drag and drop your new ".m4r" file inside the "Ringtones" section

  3. i found this all out the hard way…and had to reconfigure a few steps for this whenever they updated the iOS to v. 5. However…the one thing that i thought best to do while watching this vid, would be to go ahead and create an AAC version of the song that you want right away. simply because of the fact that i have forgotten to reset the start/stop time back to its original setting. when the AAC version is deleted, then the other song remains intact. just an FYI. very good work, though!

  4. i have a windows computer and i got to the step where i move it onto my desktop and go to get info and "get info" wasn't one of the options.. what do i do

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