How to Make Money With Amazon’s Affiliate Program (Tutorial)

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27 thoughts on “How to Make Money With Amazon’s Affiliate Program (Tutorial)

  1. Hey Lisa… Think I came across you several years ago…. But now they have revived affiliate program access to Colorado residents again…. WOOOP!… Amazon is offering a free seminar her, at the end of this month, September '16. Should I listen to the seminar or buy your course?…

  2. Great info.if you're trying to make money online. This is what I've been doing and I'm happy with my result.You guys can also go to this site.
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  3. I just got rejected for amazon associates. Can you do that with only
    your YouTube account? Or do you NEED a website of some kind? They
    rejected me from lack of content on my website, but my goal was to just
    do youtube product reviews and put affiliate links in them.

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