How to permanently delete photos and videos in iOS 8

Find out how to permanently delete photos and videos in iOS 8.

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How to permanently delete photos and videos in iOS 8


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21 thoughts on “How to permanently delete photos and videos in iOS 8

  1. Hey!!if I deleted a photo and then delete it again in the (recently deleted) album will it delete forever?? Becuase I want to sell my iphone and I don't want any photos in it???

  2. Mr video maker , let me tell u something what ur trying to show its called delete Not permanently delete. ur photos are still in phone's memory  i can recover all of ur photos from 1 or 2 years back by connecting it to recovery software ,u haven't erased those photos from phone memory and Data becarefull , erase the phone memory completely before its sold 

  3. hello can you please help – my daughters ipad says there is 5.3gb in storage for photos and videos.  however if you go to photos icon on home screen there are no photos – we have even deleted the deleted folder like you just showed us and we cant get rid of the 5gb and she is running out of storage???? please help xxxx

  4. Can't delete Videos app downloaded movies from iPad2 device.

    Updated from ios7 to ios 8,1.2 yesterday and had been using Usage in ios7 settings to delete downloaded purchased movies after watching. Now, the Videos app doesn't even show up in Manage Storage. The Guide says there's supposed to be an Edit button at the top right in the Videos app, but it isn't there. I don't dare use the Video app again else I run the risk of not having enough space to download the next ios release. 

    I'm getting no help for this question at Apple Community.

  5. Can anyone tell me how to delete photos on iphone 5 i have 3.3 gb used for photos and camera and i have three pics and i check my recently deleted and its empty but i still have 3.3 gb used

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