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  1. I have my phone and sim card.. I need to retrieve a voicemail. When I plug into my computer – I receive a trust message. I cannot select trust due to the shattered screen. Is there any way around this? Or, can it be done at a MAC store?

  2. I really need your help…

    My father passed away two months ago. I had to get my Iphone 6 unlocked and I switched over from Rogers to Virgin Mobile (Canadian). I had visual voicemails on my 6 but with my new virgin plan i just have a traditional voicemail. I was lucky enough to save about ten voicemails from my Iphone to my Mac, however there are still so many other voicemails from him I would like to save.

    I am now using my Iphone 6 with my virgin plan and the voicemails are gone. I still have the old SIM card. Please if you could give any advice…

    I'm 21 and this is hard enough as it is, let alone not being able to hear those messages again is really crushing me right now.

    thank you…

  3. I need you helpppppp. Pleaseeeee help me!! So I have an iPhone 6 and it's an ATT one I had for over a year now and it just started giving me problems with the visual voicemail. All of a sudden it has a red circle on the phone squared application and when I touch the phone I go to voicemail and it says visual voicemail is currently unavailable? What should I do to get that annoying red notification gone?? And make the visual voicemail work properly again? Pleaseee help, I restarted my phone and it's still there I turned airplane mode it's still there I resettled my network setting, I took the sim out and put it back in I tried everything and still it's not gone and it's not working properly. I turned on my data and it does away but once I turn it off it comes back and also the visual voicemail still says its unavailable even if I turned on my data. What should I do?? Help pleaseee

  4. Thank you! I had dropped my 6 plus last week and apple traded it in for the 6s plus. Thank God they gave me my SIM card, because my mom just passed away and all her voice mails were gone. I thought because I backed everything up, they would just be there. I cried so hard thinking I lost her voice forever. Can't wait to try this resolution. God bless.

  5. Hello Brian,happy new year! I came across your youtube channel and I believe you can help me resolve my issue. I have an old iphone 5 that no longer in service but I still have it because it HAD precious voicemails my grandmother that passed away left me. To make a long story short, I had an issue with my current iphone 6s a tmobile Representative told me I can put my current sim crd inside of my old iphone 5. Later on i realized all of my visual voicemails on my iphone 5 disappeared.I put the original sim card back in the iphone 5.The last time I backed up my iphone 5 was in july but I NEVER uploaded it to itunes online. Im not sure how to backup my iphone 5 on itunes. Brian, can you please help me figure out how to restore my backup so I can retrieve my old voicemails. I have not attempted to back up my phone since my voicemails deleted Im way too scared. Thank you in advance!all your help will be very appreciated .

  6. Hey,ran into your channel today! Happy New Year! I need to find a way to back up all my voicemails on my iphone 5s that are saved. I am going to upgrade and need a way to save them. Do you have a fix for that? hope you are well! Karl

  7. So, i just happened to backup my iPhone 5 a week after my dad passed away last April, and I hadn't backed it up since. I have a GoPhone plan with AT&T and for some reason when I changed plans, I lost Visual Voicemail, and when I changed my plan back, it never reappeared. I still have the same SIM Card in the phone, and I finally got them to fix it so that I could see Visual Voicemail again, but all of my Dad's voicemails are gone. I saw your video, so I clicked on Restore From Backup. No only did it not restore my voicemails, but it synced and backed up my phone, so I no longer have the old backup. Please help!

  8. Hi Brian,
    I had an iphone 4 and was very reluctant to upgrade even though I needed to because I had voice mails from my dad who recently passed away. I went into the store and inquired about the voice mails and they assured me the voice mails would be on the new phone. I still waited and let my husband do his phone first just to make sure. My husband said everything came over. My husband is not technical at all so he never would have asked them to do anything or know what to do himself but they obviously backed up his phone for him because everything was on his new iphone 6. For me it was a disaster. I had the same gentleman in the store who helped my husband only when I came home and went to use my phone it was like a brand new phone. It was completely blank, absolutely nothing came over. I called my husband and I was hysterical to say the least. My husband called the store for me because I could not stop crying enough to talk to anyone. They told my husband how to back my phone up to Itunes and sync it with my new phone. The only thing that did not come over after I did that was the most important, my dad's priceless voice mails!!. The man in the AT&T store told me that my husband must have backed his phone up and I did not and suggested I call AT&T tech support. I spoke to so many people and they were no help at all. I finally spoke to someone who may have been onto something. She told me to reach out to the store so see if they had an old 4 Sim card that they could activate for me so I could get my voice mails. I can still see the visual voice mails on my phone but obviously have no service but I still have my sim card and my phone. It occurred to me that my husband has his sim card so I was wondering if I could get AT&T to activate his old sim card would I somehow be able to use it to put in my phone so I could get my messages??? My husband keeps asking me what I want for Christmas and I keep telling him just my father's voice mails so I can hear his voice again!! I found your video and feel very hopeful you may be able to guide me further. Thank you!!!!

  9. Hey Brian, do you know how do access a previous version of an iphone backup in itunes? After watching your video, I was hoping restore this backup to retrieve the old visual voicemail messages? My boyfriend had TMobile transfer his data to his new phone with their machine. Needless to say, it screwed everything up and in particular, lost all of his visual voicemails from the old phone (I assume because they put a new SIM card in it for me) and they did not transfer any to his new phone. As we still have his SIM and the old phone, I was hoping to restore to an old version of backup (the most recent backup was completed after the transfer which excluded the visual voicemail messages). Itunes does not give an option to select which backup you would like to restore. Thanks :)

  10. Dear, Brian someone I know accidentally deleted a voice message they have an iPhone 4, they don't have visual voicemail or anything like that when they go to voicemail it just shows the regular call screen. they do have the same sim card, but they don't have any backups that they can go to, I'm not experienced with any of this kind of stuff that's why I decided to drop a comment hoping you would respond, i don't real leave comments but you seem like the right guy to talk to about this kind of stuff,help will be appropriated.

  11. Hi Brian,  Is there any way to retrieve voicemails if you don't have the SIM card?  I lost my iphone 4 on vacation last week and when I remotely call my voicemail, it only has very recent messages, not ones that I saved long term.  I am getting a new device but was wondering if there's any way they would show up?  same situation as a couple of other folks on the thread, had some voicemails saved from my dad who passed away.  Thanks for any information you can provide.

  12. Hi Brian – just had the same issue as your video with my iPhone 4 last Friday when a well-intended Best Buy employee accidentally started to upgrade my number (instead of my wife's number on our account), then caught the error but had to put in a new SIMM card. I did not realize there was an issue with my voicemail until this afternoon. You will be pleased to know that the AT&T service person I spoke with texted me a link to your video! The two different Best Buy people gave me completely different answers – does not matter, I got connected to you. Also watched your video on copying the back-up file, etc. – both very helpful.

    My question is this – why can I not just synch my phone (with the new SIMM card) to the old synch (i.e. restore to a previous back-up) and get the old voice messages back that way without having to switch the SIMM card? Has anyone tried this? I will not risk losing the messages myself by trying it without first copying the back up files (we have three – my wife's iPhone, my iPhone and an iPad), but am trying to save the time it takes to do that work.

    Related – is there anyone who knows how to use the back-up file(s) and play the voice messages directly from the back-up file on the PC? The voice messages are not sentimental, not needing to save them for posterity – just need to retrieve the messages contents which I had failed to record in a hard copy format. I also do not want to lose any text messages while switching SIMM cards back and forth, etc.

    Thank you, in advance, for your insight and assistance.

  13. I am heartbroken. I just realized I lost a voicemail form my Dad who passes way in September. When I upgraded my iPhone5S to a 6 for one of my phone number.  I put my second  number on the iPhone5S. I had to go to the AT&T store for a new sim card and did not realize I had lost the voicemail until after the sim card was replaced. Had I known, I would have kept the old sim card. I think the store clerk must have thrown it away. Why are the store clerks not giving the sim cards back to the customers? And also, why can’t I retrieve the old voicemail from my iCloud backup?

  14. Thanks for this video! I haven't tried the steps yet, but its giving me hope that I can recover my 2 years worth of lost voice mails
    I had almost the same situation as you, when keeping(returning to) my same Iphone-5, they had to put in a new sim card.
    and then only last 30 days of voice mails were restored. I don't know why AT&T & Apple; both point the blame on each other. but here is what I think is happening. . .
    Yes true, AT&T only stores the last 30 days in their servers, but I think the voice mails are stored in your Iphone (not on the SIM card)
    they appear (to me) to be no different than voice-memo recordings. which stay on your iPhone until you delete them.
    But I don't know why Apple has to program it, that if you put in a different SIM card, then all your voice mails get deleted! (that are older than 30 days, that are no longer on AT&T servers)
    Why can't these older voice mails remain untouched?, (like all of your voice-memo recordings, music. bookmarks etc)

    I haven't tried your steps yet, but I am very apprehensive about your first step of: start with ERASING everything from your phone!

    Yes, I did a full backup of my Iphone to iTunes a week ago, but I've only done a restore from back only once, when this iPhone-5 was new, & I loaded it with all the stuff from my old iPhone 3G. (8 gig)
    But now I have 16 gigs (fully filled) with info from the past 2 years (plus almost 4 years previous of initial files transferred from my iPhone 3G initially)

    But I'm apprehensive of the possibility of the benefits of retrieving the 2 years worth of my lost voice mails, is far outweighed by the tragedy of losing any of the 95% of my other iPhone contents (that did not get affected by the SIMM card change)

    Can the restore from back be done without doing the first step of "ERASING everything from your phone"?
    And/or, Is there a way to just restore voice-mails ONLY from your iTunes backup?
    Or I saw on another web site, about being able to retrieve voice mails from the iTunes backup using your computer with Dr.Fone for iOS (Windows) software. Do you know anything about this?

  15. Ok I have a somewhat complicated situation & I hope to God you can help!! The computer I synced my iPhone to, the motherboard fried. I took it to a repair place & they took everything off of my hard drive & put it on its own small portable hard drive thing. So everything that was on my computer before it fried, is now on the copy they gave me. I had an iPhone 4 at the time then upgraded to an iPhone 5. Since they also gave me a new SIM card, I looked & all of my voicemails were gone since that SIM card no longer has service to it (in the iPhone 4). Now this wouldn't have bothered me but my dad had passed away & I had probably 30 something voicemails from him! Can you please please help? I recently got a new computer & I have the hard drive from my old computer connected to my new one & my iPhone 4. But now I'm lost! Thank you so much if you don't mind helping!!

  16. Hi! I'm typing this message in tears… I bought the iPhone 6 plus the day after Christmas & just noticed today that my massages were GONE! My uncle passed away in May and I must have had a good 30 messages from him. Same thing happened w atnt & apple I got the run around! I have my old 5 but I reset it to give it to my niece. Do you think resetting it deleted the messages? My uncles messages r more important to me than this stupid phone! Plz help me if u can. I appreciate it.
    Danielle </3

  17. I have an iPhone 4 and have 2 numbers with 2 sim cards.  I changed them out a couple of times and the voice-mails came back after I entered my voice-mail password that the phone prompted me for.  The last time I did it, they did not come back.
    I want to try your instructions but need to know the following:
    I don't know why I can't find the answer to this question anywhere but what happens to the data that already exists on your iPhone when you restore the phone to a previous backup? Does it get erased or is the old data merged with the current data on the phone?  It seems obvious it would get merged or their would be a lot of posts about the danger in restoring with a backup. (Update:  Sounds like it does not merge.)
    I haven't done much with iTunes but I have synced before.  Does this mean I have a backup that I can access?  Does the new sync wipe out anything on my computer unless I tell it not too?  Thanks in advance.

  18. Hi Brian. I just watched your video but didn't try your tutorial yet. I am about to. I really hope it works as I have a lot of work voicemails that were erased from my phone. This all happened when ATT switched out my SIM card (same phone) and they told me nothing would happen to voicemails during the switch. They obviously lied. Did your phone work when you put your old SIM card that was deactivated or did you just use it to purpose the backup?

  19. Hi !! please could you help me ? 

    I have lost me visual voicemails after changing ma SIM card. And i wanted to do what you explain in your video, but i have a problem. When a plugged the iphone, itunes automatically synch, and did a back up. 

    And now, i don't find the previous back up that i made 1 week ago… i just can restore from the back up that i accidentally just did. 

    Please can you help me ? can i recover the older back up ? I'm so sad, i lost last voicemail of my grandfather. He died in january. Please, help me. 

    (sorry for my bad english, i'm french)

  20. I broke my iphone 5, went to att, got a new iphone 5s. My sim card is still the same. They told me ill get my voicemails, but they are not there. I cant use my old iphone (since its broken), so is there a way to get my old voicemails back?

    Also, what do you mean by backups? 

  21. Well, I upgraded my iPhone 4 to an iPhone 5 last week.  I had 3 years of visual voicemails on my iPhone 4, some of them from my father.  I lost all of these visual voicemails when I upgraded my phone.

    I tried the process detailed above, and put my old SIM back into my old iPhone, then restored from an old iTunes backup.  However, my voicemails did not return on my phone.

    When I touch voicemail, I get a message that says "Voicemail – Call Failed"  then "Call Back" or "Cancel."  So basically, it won't display the voicemails.

    Maybe this worked for the iPhone 3, but it doesn't work for my iPhone 4.

    It seems as though the voicemails won't show up until you call your voicemail, and you can't call your voicemail with a SIM card that is deactivated.

    If anyone finds a workaround to get the visual voicemails back, please post it here.


  22. Thanks,  my wife's 4s has been having battery issues.  AT&T said just switch sim cards to trade phones for a while to see if I have the same problem with her phone. Forgot to mention that only changes the phone numbers.  Lost my voice mails which are extremely / financially important.  Got them back with your instructions.  Wish text messages would back up with sync and could print from itunes.   

  23. and- I DID tell them I wanted my property back. They, and this is a direct quote from the store manager And the district supervisor…"You are not getting your sim card back! Don't call here again!" Telling me it was shredded on Sunday night- when it wasn't and in my opinion destroying it to cover up or retaliate against me for outing their incompetence, then ignoring all attempts to contact them until today, Wed- telling me it had been destroyed.

  24. After lying to me repeatedly since Monday the 16th, ignoring my voicemails, and talking to me like I was not even a person- they finally told me today that they shredded my sim card, then it was broken, then it was lost, then it was picked up and disposed of by an outside shredding company…They were unbelievably rude, and cold and hateful…and WILL NOT admit they didn't know what they were doing and totally messed up. They tried to say I left it at the sore after I made a point to ask for it back and he said "there is nothing on it"…shouldn't that have been MY call to make…it was MY property. But, you can read some of the interaction on the AT&T Facebook page. I am wondering if, even after the fac,t a attorney might not be a bad idea. I have been through the emotional ringer since Saturday when this happened and it should be addressed. It has caused me a lot of heartache.

  25. Brian- would you mind if I share this? For the last 5 days I have had one of the most upsetting experiences with AT&T. I replaced my sim card in my iphone to get it activated again- when they activated it it erased 3 years of voicemails that were stored on my phone. Very very important voicemails. I asked for my old sim card back…they rep said " there's nothing on there" and refused to give it back to me. After 3 days of calling even the office of the president and everyone else associated with AT&T- no luck. They won't even return my card. Everything is gone.

  26. Sucks my phone got stolen, I was able to get my phone back but the SIM card was found snapped in half. Is there anyother way with out the sim? The funny thing is that even with the new SIM card that I got "today", still got some of the voice mails from the last month/30 days but the important ones from about 2years ago are gone

  27. Based on your question, I think you may have commented on the wrong video. I think you may have meant to comment on my video concerning the iPhone backup folder. The reason it's best to put the backup on a external hard drive is because if your computer develops a problem you'll have that backup elsewhere. It's up to you if you want to copy the folder, rename it, and save it on your computer but I'm not sure it will work if you change the name. Hope this helps. :)

  28. brian, once I did this it brought back voicemails BUT I can't use the phone. No service because that sim card was deactivated. What to do now??? The only way to work would be the new sim card that was activated, which you say will lose those voice mails again.

  29. Brian, do I copy the whole backup file to an external hard drive? Even this seems a little overwhelming and nerve wracking. Is there a way to copy onto computer and change the name of the copy? Will it fit on a flash drive? Thanks.

  30. You have to use the SIM from your old phone, and a device that the larger SIM will fit. The larger SIM's can't be put into the iPhone 5. The backup may have files that will try to access the old voice mails but from my experience you have to use the SIM from your old phone. I would try using a device, 4S or older, and the SIM you were using when you had the old voice mails. Then sync it using the old backup. Hope this helps.

  31. Moved SIM from i5 –> i5s (bought from friend). Made full backup from old phone, restored it to new one.

    Hours later, went to VM and saw messages for a split second, then it called a VM number. After that, error message on VM screen "call provider" (AT&T). The error disappeared and all messages were gone!

    Called AT&T. They reset something, but nothing changed. The next rep said the first rep did something to make my messages unrecoverable. Nothing I could have done to avoid it! :(

  32. Elizabeth, that's awesome! That's exactly why I posted this video. I'm so glad you have your voicemails again! You may want to record them to a CD so if your SIM card gets old and doesn't work, you'll still have them. Or after copying them to a CD, e mail them to yourself. Have a great day! :)

  33. Brian, I am so grateful for this video. I experienced this problem when I had my 4S unlocked. My father passed away this year and all of the precious messages I kept from him were just "gone". I heard the same story from AT&T and Apple, but just couldn't accept that the messages were gone. I followed your video and was able to restore all my voicemails from when I bought my 4S a year ago until my last backup in May. The memories you allowed me to save are priceless and bring me comfort and joy. 

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