How to Recover Lost Data from iPhone with Dead Screen

1 Click Restore Data from iPhone with Dead Screen
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“My friend has an iPhone with a completely dead screen and wants to recover the data inside it. The laptop that it was originally synced with is long gone and syncing with a new one will wipe all of the data. Is there any software that I can use, either Mac or Windows PC, which will allow me to recover all of the data? Any one who can help?” – The request from George.

Are you also met the similar condition? If you don’t want to lost all your important data, this video should be a help to you.

Here you can try a professional iPhone data recovery software – iPhone Data Recovery which is experienced in solving different data troubles under iOS system with iPhone. This software can help fix iPhone that stuck in dead screen, and recover data from any iPhone with dead screen within only three steps:

Ways 1. Direct recover lost…


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