How to speed up iPhone by 15-20% (No jailbreak)

Showing a few tricks, and tips on how to increase an iOS device’s performance, without installing any app.
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35 thoughts on “How to speed up iPhone by 15-20% (No jailbreak)

  1. Thanks so much bro. I was hesitant at first to click on any of these videos since they all needed some sort of hack, but this really did work. I knew about the second tip but the two others ones seriously made a difference. 

  2. if you do jailbreak it, it would probably be worth it because without a jailbreak, apple almost give you no customization. thats why i stick with android now. but when i had an iphone it was jailbroken and it was completely worth it. if you want an answer to that question, i would recommend yes but make sure you back up your phone completely before you jailbreak.

  3. ok i hear all that somebody anybody tell me should i jail break my iphone im type skeptical. this phone cost to much to be goofn off with it and messing it up so should i jail break it or wat? i need some advice????

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