26 thoughts on “How to Unlock a Galaxy S7 Metro pcs/T-Mobile Device Unlock App

  1. Will the Metro-Mobile have all the bands needed for AT&T? I was planning on testing Metro and eventually unlocking if it I didn't like it and head back to Cricket lol

  2. Ive been with metro over a year now. I have the Leon. My LCD is is cracked and 60% of my screen is black now. I want to upgrade to the S7 mainly because of storage and its camera, but damn it sure is expensive. Are there any current offers that might lower the price of the S7 for existing metro customers like myself?

  3. Hi man.I am just wondering how could you make your channel verfied on YT…I really dont get it even though I searched a lot.If you could give me some advises that would be great.PS:I have almost your amount of subscribers so I dont think that's the case.Thx a lot!

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