HTC One A9 vs iPhone 6S – Speed & Camera Test (4K)

HTC One A9 vs iPhone 6S – Speed & Camera Test. Hey Guys I’m back with another video for all tech fans out there. I make daily tech videos to provide you as much tech content as possible.

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39 thoughts on “HTC One A9 vs iPhone 6S – Speed & Camera Test (4K)

  1. htc one a9 is a great phone…haven't encounter any problem. even performs better than my iphone 6s when it comes to lowlight photography( if you know how to use it). Processed app smoothly like an iphone. Even the paints are better, Iphone 6s paints fade than I expected even protected with pricey protective case. Iphone have a nice and stable OS but I like HTC more how it handle Android OS. So for those whose bashing HTC ONE A9…and havent used one yet. Better Stop coz its a good phone. Maybe pricey than usual midranger but performs better… so no regrets!

  2. Don't forget that iPhone 6S runs iOS in comparison to Htc One A9 that runs Android. iOS has by far better processor and speed than Android. Therefore, the comparison should be made with the same processor in both smartphones.
    However, you can have a wider variety of apps in Android. Have you ever used Classic Boy emulator? that's a cool app that allows you to run Sega, Supernes, Gameboy Adv, Psone and Nintendo 64 games which you can't play in iOS system. Besides, in iOS you are charged for lots of apps, videos and music. That really pisses users off.

  3. The HTC A9 has more battery life with much faster charging (0-100% in 20-30mins) , more ram, equally good display and design, equally good cameras, the HTC A9 has superior audio with an onboard 24-bit DAC and amp , The A9 has more memory and expandable storage up to 2TB's, HTC's free uh-oh protection, the list goes on, and it's only a mid range device and costs less.

  4. The HTC adjusts it brightness depending on where you thought the screen. so if you touch a darker area, the image become brighter, if you touch a brighter area it darkens the image. The HTC A9 is fully capable of surpassing the iPhone in low light images, I have compared them. Also the iPhone uses auto HDR mode by default, while HTC A9 has to have it turned on manually, so to be fair the HTC should have had HDR turned on in low light, also the image can be brightened by touching the screen in darker or lighter areas, and focusing in on a specific object. This camera comparison was not accurate I can assure you.

  5. for the camera, the iPhone uses HDR mode automatically in low light conditions to brightness the images, so it's not really fair comparison in low light conditions, considering the HTC A9 had to have HDR turned on manually. The A9 has pro mode which can take amazing low light images, I can even get a crystal clear pictures of the stars at night. which not many phones can do.

  6. This isn't a good Comparison. I have seen other comparisons where the A9 is much faster then the iPhone 6s. People also have to remember the HTC A9 is only a mid-range device, ND is not a flagship. when the HTC m10 comes out then compare the iPhone 6s to the HTC One m10 and you will see a huge difference. Alot of people have criticized HTC of copying the iPhones design, but the truth is, it was the iPhone who copied HTC's all metal body, antenna bands, long slender shape, rounded edges, and the iPhone 6s also copied HTC's 5MP front camera and HTC's ZOE camera which apple calls "live photos"… finger print scanners are found on most phones now days, and as far as the bottom speakers go they to are found on other phones as well, such as the Galaxy Note 5. I have asked numerous I-FANs to just 3 features HTC copied DIRECTLY from the iPhone and no-one has been able to do so. So people calling the A9 a copycat of the iPhone, are making bogus claims while unable to back it up. the iPhone is a Greta phone and HTC and apple both optimize their phones well. The fact is the HTC A9 is a mid-range device and costs almost half the price.

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