Huawei Honor 7 (Hands on & Unboxing) Sony IMX230, Fingerprint ID – Video by s7yler

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This is NOT a review! it’s just the hands-on & unboxing, for the FULL REVIEW video go here:

– Huawei Honor 7 (PLK-UL00)
– 5.2 inch, FullHD, JDI LCD / IPS 1920×1080 pixels, 423 PPI
– Fingerprint ID scanner
– Hisilicon Kirin 935 Octa Core 2.2Ghz/1.5Ghz
– Mali T624 MP4
– 3 GB RAM + 16 GB ROM
– Sony IMX230 20 MP main camera + 8 MP front camera
– 3100mAh battery
– Dual Nano SIM / microSD card support
– EMUI 3.1 OS (based on Android 5.0)
– Multilanguage & with Google Play Store
– Supports 2G & 3G & 4G LTE network
– Network:…


14 thoughts on “Huawei Honor 7 (Hands on & Unboxing) Sony IMX230, Fingerprint ID – Video by s7yler

  1. hello
    i have now a htc on M7 and im looking for a new one cause my battery is going down sow fast !
    i dont do anythi,g only check facebook reply some texts and wach alot of twitch on me phone .

    i love this phone the menu seems to be sow simple now to work with and the longer lasting battery is also a big + than wich are the most important things
    the scanner and the shortcuts make it that much easier for me to work with the phone just like the timeline thats a huge + for me also

    i only have a few doubts about it on my phone now i have a 4.7 inch screen with 469 ppi thats insane but i wanna get a upgrade now this phone only have on a 5.2 inch screen 424 wich is a little less but the screen is bigger will the quality be a lot more blurry now ?
    and also i now have a beats by dre audio in the htc and that also is a little less on the honor 7 i saw

    that are the most important things for me phone since i watch alot of games / streams on my phone.

    im looking for a mid range priced phone is this the best option for me ? or will you recommend other phones for me and if yes wich one will it be 😀

    thanks alot for the help
    kind regards kenny !

  2. I own Huawei P8. I bought it for little less than 350EUR and it is terrific! Real competitor for high end flagship devices. Sure the CPU is not the best on the market and especially the GPU, but since I don't play games everything is really nice and smooth for my daily needs. Other than that the design is a real catch the phone does not go unnoticed and screen is great. Camera is also really, really great. To have great camera is not just about how many pixels it has and who is producer of the lens. There are many thins a phone manufacturer needs to do to take the best of the camera. There are many themes and each part of the phone (lockscreen, mainscreen) can be set to different theme which is also great. And battery is perfect! I always manage with at least 2 days and it is my work phone with many calls and mail checks each day. Very often it lasts full 3 days. Mobile signal is perfect with the two antennas and GPS is great even inside. It connects on several satellites in few seconds inside a house!!

    Honor 7 does not have the design of P8, but has 20M camera and better battery on same screen ratio and I expect even better battery life. So I really think everybody should wait for final S7yler review. I expect this phone also like P8 to be worthy competitor for high end phones for much less price. So don't compare the price of this device to other 200USD Chinese flagships, since many things make a flagship not just the CPU and GPU. I am sure nobody will be disappointed to own P8 or Honor 7. For the price they are a bargain!!!

  3. Doesn't have quick charge and battery is non-removable, all capacitive touch buttons, fingerprint is also on the back which I don't really like but other than that looks like a beast on paper, having a really good design as well a 20MP back camera and 8MP front with NFC. Might even be better than the One Plus 2 for the price

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