Hubsan X4 Tips & Tricks 2

The best mods and improvements for your new X4-107.


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  1. Great info! I love my Hubsan X4s. I own a few, some for modding, the others are kept stock.

    Just an FYI; the "1s" on the battery stands for 1 series. Some batteries are marked 1s1p for 1 series 1 parallel. Not so critical when there is only 1 cell. But if you have 2 cells then there is a difference between 2s1p and 1s2p. 2s1p provides more power (7.4v) while 1s2p provides longer flight time (3.7v at double the mah).

  2. Can you put JST connectors onto the x4 and use any lipo that fits?

    Does the x4 have low voltage protection?

    That is some great tips and tricks thank you.

    How many of these lipos have you had and have at one time.

    have you ever had one catch fire or other issue?

    Also I have a lipo charger I think it does 1s upto 6s. Will that be a good charger if it allows me to set it to 0.01a or whatever amp needed.

    I'm thinking a 280 mah can only handle a maximum of 0.28a but that would still be bad for the Lipo long term.

    so is 0.01 amp the ideal rate of charge?

    I'm very nervous of lipos and try to be sure I treat them right. The thought of one causing a house fire as the family sleeps terrifies me.

    I keep my large lipos in safe bags stored in an ammo crate stored in the lav.

  3. I had and idea about flipping the led's.
    spray the under side of each blade with ''CHROME COLOURED PAINT ''
    i havnt tried it yet but it seems less fiddly than messing with the cables………….might look trippy too :p

  4. Sorry if a bit off, but why mark the connectors?? Red to red black black right?

    Oh and the guy who suggests welding/soldering batterys really needs be aware that's how you end up wearing battery juice or causing a small explosion please be careful.

  5. The Other Modification I make is Not on the Actual Hubsan X4 107C. I make (Throw Away Battery Packs using 2 x Duracell AAA Batteries. First I take off the Metal that encases the Batteries to make them even Lighter. Then I cut a 1/8" inch length of Tin from a Tin Can (Obviously) and with each battery facing in opposite I weld the tin Strip Bridging the + & – Together.Both Batteries are Secured to each other with Insulating Tape. With an Old X4 Battery that is Defunct.You keep the Power Cable and also Weld that On the Other end of the Batteries. Ensuring you put it on the correct Polarity. You will have great difficulty to "Solder" on the tin strip and power lead. So this is why I weld them on. So now you ask How Do I weld them On.Well I use the 12v Car Battery as a Mig Welder (DC Welding) and the Weld Probes I use to weld with is just Hard Carbon Pencil sharpened to a Point. The DC Principle is to use the + (Positive Terminal of the 12v Battery AS THE GROUND TERMINAL. So that is the Terminal that Holds down the Tin Strip on the Batter and then when you Put the – Negative Terminal of the other Pencil Probe and Touch the Point on the Tin and Battery it will send the Current and (Spot Weld the Tin Onto the Battery Terminals. These are Simple Throw Away's but give the X4 More Flight Time.Being Duracell's Reputation of lasting longer. You will need to use proper eye protection if you are going to try the DC Welding. as I won't be responsible should you have an Accident. Iv'e Never Tried Using Duracell "Rechargeable Batteries" I guess that's on the next Agenda. NOTE: These Throw-Away Batteries are Mounted on the Back of the X4 Drone with Velcro as same as when I use my 808 Key Chain Camera as said below as they won't fit inside the X4 Battery Compartment.You Take it Out when using the Throw-Away Battery Pack. I just like Faffing About Making them. 62 Years Old and Still a wee boy at heart. (Boy's wae there Toy's as they Say!)  ;-)

  6. What I have done with my Hubsan x4 107C, It to mount a Second Camera on the Back of the X4 with Simply Puting on Velcro (The Carpet Type) on the X4 and the (Hook Type) on the Underside of the Camera. The Camera I put on is the Simple Cheap "KEY CHAIN CAMERA 808 #16 AND OR THE #18 WITH FULL WIDE ANGLE LENS" These are very light cameras and don't make any difference to the Flying Abilities of the X4 Drone. Any size of Micro SD Card in the Camera. I also put the Camera Facing Backwards on the X4 Drone as then I can manipulate video editing using both X4 Camera and the 808 Camera. Hope this Helps to Modify Your Hubsan X4  HAVE FUN!  ;-)

  7. HI.  Great video.  Im having a problem with my unit.  Just flying it around the kitchen, the led on the controller LED turns red and seems to lose connection with the copter.  I have to unplug the battery and turn off the controller and turn everything back on to connect again.  Can anyone help?

  8. I had mine for about 18 months now. Over time I accumulated 8 batteries: 4 @ 380mH and 4 @ 500mH. Until about 2 weeks ago these were all regularly charging well and functioning fine. Suddenly it seems that NONE of these batteries except maybe one is charging from any source. I have been using USB wall-chargers + the USB cables supplied by Hubsan. This had always worked for me until 2 weeks when it seemed that most of these batteries are not taking a charge at all. I have used three different wall-chargers, my computer's USB output and also a USB charger I have in my car. All I can figure is these batteries somehow got damaged by some voltage or ampage change that I was not aware of. But a USB charger is a USB charger, right? I've been using the same ones for over a year, and now suddenly I'm having these problems. Does anyone have any idea what going on?

  9. Big Bob I appreciate this video, common sense mods that dont take much time. I did a few mods to my Alias on my channel as well, Ill check out your other vids when I have some time.

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