Hypnosis for Men: Overcoming “Nice Guy” Syndrome (Confidence / Anxiety / Relationships)

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39 thoughts on “Hypnosis for Men: Overcoming “Nice Guy” Syndrome (Confidence / Anxiety / Relationships)

  1. just saying, when i saw the title of this video i couldn't help but smile and think "i love this guy for making a video about this". ur awesome. I wonder how many guys are actually aware that they have this and can admit it to themselves if someone points it out.

  2. I listened to this audio a few times. Only today was I able to use it to help myself grow emotionally and philosophically. I found that fascinating. I began listening to your audios to help myself fall asleep. Now I listen to your audios while being fully awake. it has been quite an evolution and transformation. Thank you Sir. I look forward to appreciating more of your contributions.

  3. Hey Michael, this was a wonderful experience for ne. I keep listening to your videos everytime I go to bed or take a nap, I was wondering if you could do a video for a studying session while I'm conciously studying.

  4. Michael, thank you so much for all your abundant giving! <3
    This is one of my absolute favorite hypnosis sessions you have up. I am female and find that I have "nice girl" tendencies that have been a detriment to my relationships – so this video has helped me tremendously. I would be SO grateful if you would make one of these for females! Please! I think a lot of women would benefit highly from that. :-D

  5. Hello, and thank you Michael. Would you consider doing a hypnosis/meditation session video for those of us suffering from feelings of guilt or shame and tend to blame ourselves for too much? Much appreciated, sending you positive vibes

  6. hi michael. can women benefit from this session as well or should we wait for one directed to us ladies? im listening to it and see so much of myself here and would love to use it. thank you so much for all you do my friend!

  7. I have requested many many times that you might please do another Rain City Dreams, but I never got a response. I know you likely wish to branch out, but so many others have agreed with me, that the rain along with the perfect comforting monologue is our favorite one! Here's another request from my other sorority sisters: Would you do another Sleep Hypnosis for Cosmic Voyage Dreaming? That is the 2nd one we listen to at night. I love Cosmic Voyage so much bc It leaves so much room for imagination, and it quickly and easily puts me into a deep trance state that I never knew the mind was capable of! Thank you for all your work, it's amazing. I rarely use anyone else' work. I wonder…did you ever imagine this would be your path in life? Comforting others (many others! 236,000+ many more) using hypnosis? Maybe u found your soul purpose. It seems like it is, and you are a blessed man to find your purpose! Sending gratitude and much love and happiness your way! Kristy :D

  8. Michael Sealey, this is just a random suggestion: what if you made a hypnosis video about how to multi-task better for some people, since multi-tasking can be a little stressing or sometimes difficult to do, though we would have to achieve that skill.

  9. May I request a people pleasing meditation? I think there is a female equivalent of this disorder and while it might not be a medical condition, I think it would resonate with a lot of folks <3

  10. To understand the context of this video. NGS is a psychological disorder discovered and popularized by Dr Robert Glover. It is most common in men who were victims of childhood abuse, usually by their mother. Men with NGS are anything but nice. If you want to learn more Google 'Dr. Glover NGS' . If, at that point, you might think yoh or someone you know has NGS, please read/recommend Dr. Glover's book "No More Mr. Nice Guy". I hope this helps.

  11. During listening to this session I started thinking: "This person is doing so much good to me. His voice is like a shelter – protects me from my own bad thoughts. Because of him I changed my life so much. He must be an embodiment of some otherworldly force that represents virtue."
    Then I experienced an overwhelming emotion and started crying and shaking from the inside.
    Thank you so much.
    I would bow before you if had an honor to meet you.

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