I Am #2 Remove Negative Blocks 3D Sound Guided Meditation Tibetan Singing Bowls Paul Santisi

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44 thoughts on “I Am #2 Remove Negative Blocks 3D Sound Guided Meditation Tibetan Singing Bowls Paul Santisi

  1. Whatever you do, do not lessen the intensity of your voice in your work. I recall Anthony Robbins talking about synapses and how change occurs when our nervous system interacts with an intense action. It is, indeed, the difference between your work and other people's attempts to do this.
    I appreciate you. —DS

  2. read a book last year at the moment dont remember the authors name i like ideas Australian dont remember the name of the book at the moment interesting read saw similarities to reki in his book ideas alittle different. a western version of reki many similarities many difference's

  3. you are powerful you are a person who creates oppossed to those that destroy you are unstoppable. people like yourself have been trying to turn the tide for years lets hope yous can do it before others destroy it, those who for some reason or another dont know how to build a solid foundation. faith and hope

  4. thank you so much Paul.. I want to express that I enjoy the demanding in your voices. when I listen I listen as if your voice is my thoughts. the aggressiveness in my thoughts is not that of anger or violence but me actually internalizing the claim of my affirmation… in order to manifest the belief of the affirmations we have to feel it. exactly how gratitude seeps from the soul feeling your body with chills sending it out to the metaphysical . like you feel happy feelings in your heart when you are feeling love.. raising the vibration is a physical experience… the same way we release gratitude Into the universe we have to release our beliefs. but first they must translate into our souls deeply to be.. that is called raising the vibration. it's a bit difficult to explain.. so thank you so much Paul I will send thankfulness your way. this is definitely work fit for champs

  5. Thank you! Just so you KNOW, I listened to this AUDIO (with headphones!) while I MANIFESTiBATED (with a VIBRATOR!!!!) So I was LITERALLY "Vibrating" LOVE, JOY, ABUNDANCE and PROSPERITY for ALL!

  6. Thank u so much paul I listen to the 1st I Am meditation yesterday n 2nd today. and I feel so much better. Your blessed I dnt care what ppl say but I dnt think there was anything wrong with the voice. its to awaken your soul to believe in ur self in order to change your life for betterment. And I already feel so fresh n energetic n peaceful. Before I could not find the string of where the life was goin now I have clear vision towards goals. So thank u so much for your hard work n changing lives. stay blessed 🙂 x

  7. Please make these same tracks, but with less aggressive sounding voices! I want to enjoy these so much, because I think they are beneficial, yet I can't get past how un-soothing the voices are. Very hard to get into a deep inner space when I feel like I'm being yelled at.

  8. This is amazingly powerfull, do not underestimate the energy. It changed my life allready. I love these affirmations
    thank you paul santisi, for sharing this with us 'lightworkers'

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