9 thoughts on “I GOT HACKED AGAIN! WTF?!

  1. There are little chance that you are single target victim. What's happened to you is the very familiar attack, mass attack because it is very good organized. Also, you need to watch on what public wi fi spots you are connecting. The person who owns wi fi router you are connected on can spy data transfer between your device (mobile, laptop ) and public wi fi router. It is important for you to not inserting passwords when you are on public wi fi spots. You can save your passwords on google chrome or safari and later never type it again. A saved pass is encrypted and that's almost impossible to hack by spoofing wi fi transfer between device and router (at some public places). Also, it is possible that you are spoofed at hotels where you are staying from the hotels staff who knows to do those things. And last thing, every time you are typing your password on any site you are registered check first does it URL on that page starts with https:// and not with http:// (must have s in HTTPS) that is secure and encrypted site where data transfer is totaly encrypted. Enjoy Thailiand I was spend two last winters there and probably very soon I will visit it again.

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