icloud bypass any device 2016 – Part 2

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1. Disassemble iphone
2. Wick iphone memory
3. Desolder memory of the USB key
4. Welding of the iPhone on the memory stick usb
5. Connect to stick mac / Macbook
6. Setup.app delete files in the file system of the iPhone
7. Wick from memory stick and re- weld it on the iPhone
We removed the iCloud lock and we can configure your phone with a new apple id.

This is the possible and working procedure , this method excludes the desoldering of other elements increasing the chance of success of the intervention .

Step:1 disassemble the iPhone,
Step:2 Remove the rear metal panel of the motherboard with hot air 400 degrees
Step:3 desolder the phone memory with hot air 330 340 degrees
Step:4 Remove memory on USB stick
Step:5 welded iPhone memory on USB stick
Step:6 Connect USB key to your Mac and remove the setup.app File present in the Application folder in the file system.
Step:7 from the hot…


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