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iJoy RDTA BOX Full Review + Charts + Disassembly
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0:00 – Intro
1:50 – Unboxing and Overview
24:16 – Comparison with other Devices
25:26 – Device Walk-thru
31:26 – Coil Build Tutorial
38:28 – Device Internals and reassembly
45:04 – Charts, Graphs and Tests
51:06 – Final Thoughts

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25 thoughts on “iJoy RDTA BOX Full Review + Charts + Disassembly – DJLsb Vapes

  1. great vid daniel, not tpd compliant and it will not get importation licence for importing into the uk, that battery door is awful and the finish of the mod looks really really cheap imo and a plastic tank takes most e liquids out of the equation, no menthols, citrus or aniseed's in this or it will either discolour, crack or distort and render the mod inoperable

  2. hi Daniel what a great concert brilliant idea and unfortunately would not work for me as I have a disability and not very good at fiddly things cannot rebuild I would love to experience and RDA so I buy the inner can I sub coils as the building of coil I cannot do I love your videos and also a member of your site top guy the way you take everything apart I love it take care my friend Brian from the UK

  3. Hey Daniel, thanks for the good review!
    I have one question: is it possible to set a rampup profile (norm, soft, hard, user) in TC mode?

    Thx for your help.


  4. Sorry. Not going to watch this video. Twisted420 is a very nasty person who had no class and attacks other reviewers. I have no room for him or his vaping gear in my lineup. I'll catch you on your next video.

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