iMac Memory Upgrade Imac memory upgrade – How to order and install a memory upgrade on an IMac.
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4 thoughts on “iMac Memory Upgrade

  1. @ravenswaal Hi ravenswaal – Thanks for the comment. Great piece of information that I wasn't aware of. So you are better off leaving your machine connected to power assuming you have outlets that are grounded. Most of my outlets are but I have some that are not, nevertheless this is a very good point to know. Many thanks.

  2. Claude, I'm also glad to see someone other than a 13 year-ld doing this stuff:o) One minor critique however. You you disconnected the power cable from your Mac. I used to think that was the thing to do also, however another electronics tech said insure computer is well grounded and the best way to do that is to leave the power plug IN (assuming your household electrical system is properly grounded) and wear a static discharge wrist band connected to the case. It's not too hard to fry these chips

  3. @kycruisecrazy Hi kycruisecrazy – My mac is a August 2008 iMac8,1 Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz purchase. The improvement is in the processing speed and it was noticeable right away. The Mac tech at the Genius bar recommended it when I asked him if my machine was 2 years old and needed to be replaced. He said if I made the change, my machine would have the speed and processing power of a Mac Pro and it was cheaper than buying a new machine. He was right. 

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