iMessage is Cool Again

iOS 10 beta is brand new on my iPhone 6s Plus and it’s packed with Hidden Features and Secrets. iMessage has new features and it’s what we’ll see on the iPhone 7 in the Fall of 2016!
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iOS 10 is the new iPhone software that was released in June of 2016. It’s pretty awesome and has a ton of new features like iMessage advancements, a brand new lock screen and more! In this video I show you some of the awesome new features in iMessage like message screens, text-to-emoji integration and some secret hidden features!



39 thoughts on “iMessage is Cool Again

  1. Holy mother of cringe! I came across this channel for the first time today because I bought an iPhone and wanted to know how iMessage works. How the hell does this thing have so many subscribers? Like wtf people.

  2. are you able to see when people have read your messages and when they're typing with the new ios10? currently with an android device but like when I can see if someone's read my messages and when they are typing…also does it work even if the textie is replying back using a different non-Apple phone? will the typing bubbles & read texts show up when they're typing or have read your messages? would really like some clarification on all this!

  3. i have the iphone 7 and for some reason i cant use the screen stuff. i have been going through my phone over and over and over agaij looking for something that might be why i cant send it. i have compared my settings to my moms, who can use the screen thing, and we have the same settings. what should i do?

  4. If I'm on wifi/data, I send a message as an iMessage, but if the other person isn't on wifi/data how do they receive the message? Does the message ever get sent as an SMS automatically? I've upgraded to iOS 10 and decided to use iMessage for the first time but I'm feared of missing people's texts and vide versa

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