install Jailbreak Apps FREE Without Jailbreaking iOS 10.1.1 – 10.2

Update Install Jailbreak Apps Free Without Jailbreaking with Zestia Update To X-Cydia Free iOS 9.3.1, 9.3.2, 9.3.3

Link to Zestia:
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Round Folders

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35 thoughts on “install Jailbreak Apps FREE Without Jailbreaking iOS 10.1.1 – 10.2

  1. It's fucking shit. Everytime I go into an app download page it automatically closes and opens the App Store with those shitty spammy game of throwns games and I go back into the Zestia app and it auto refreshes back to the start menu.

    I won't use this bullshit due to the developers being ad crazy money hungry ass holes and thinking about their own pocket rather than their consumers experience.

    What a joke.
    Stop promoting bullshit apps that don't work.

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