Installation Guide – iloome ScreenMate Flex: Flexible Screen Protector (Galaxy Note 2)

Video Installation Guide for iloome ScreenMate Flex: Flexible Glass Screen Protector
Demo device: Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Applicable for: Apple iPhone 5/5S, Apple iPhone 4/4S, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S IV (S4), HTC One

Video Installation Guide for iloome ScreenMate Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S IV / Galaxy S 4

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Installation steps:
1) Remember – practice makes perfect!
2) Clean the screen surface of your device with the micro fiber cloth included in the packaging. Make sure that the installation area is free from dust and debris. Use the tape labeled “Dust Remover” as necessary. Place…


38 thoughts on “Installation Guide – iloome ScreenMate Flex: Flexible Screen Protector (Galaxy Note 2)

  1. IMPORTANT:  If you are trying to install on an LG G3–REMOVE THE BATTERY FIRST!  The screen kept lighting up with almost every swipe, and as a result, made it terribly difficult to remove every dust speck.  If you have a clean room and a bunny suit, I highly recommend using both, otherwise it is next to impossible to keep dust off of this thing during application.  I spent nearly 30 minutes, but it is almost perfectly applied.  ALMOST!

  2. I just got my 9H tempered glass protector for my Galaxy Note 3. 

    Application was really easy, I normally suck at getting protectors on because lint or dust gets underneath. But this time around I took my time, made sure everything lined up and boom all done!

    I will say that my glass protector didnt have hinge tape included so I had to take additional time to make sure everything lined up correctly. So far it fits perfectly under my Luvvit Clear Hybrid case to really simplify the look of the phone, well adding protection to the sides and front glass. I'm happy. 

  3. I was VERY disappointed in the ILOOME screen mate product. Waste of my money. Customer service was a joke. The thing would not spread the adhesive, regardless of careful administration of the product. It rendered it unusable. Thankfully I found some reviews that stated this is a repeat issue for folks. Someone mentioned that "MIME got it right"… and I ordered one of their Ghosts. I love it. It went on immediately, directions were great etc. Wish I'd gone with that one first. I applied it to my Note 3. My "Iloome" is going in the trash. There's a guy who is on youtube who did a 15 min video on himself putting his MIME on (it was all prep work he did – a little overkill but I used his method, which did follow the install directions as well  and it worked GREAT). Yay MIME!

  4. Doesn't work for Lg G2 due to the curved glass of the screen. Within minutes of the installation, the edges stared to lift up and will not stick to the screen even with applying pressure on it. The iloome is great, it's the curved screen that's causing this effect. 

  5. what is the difference with a flexible screen protector and a glass protector? and which one would you recommend to get between a flexible screen protector or a glass protector?

  6. The hinge stickers don't stick really well to the back of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.  They keep coming off making them useless.  Also, makes installation harder. 

  7. Why don't any of you guys review how the s pen works with the glass …the only one i can find is for the tempered, some protectors produce laag, Let's have a proper review

  8. Just did my Note 3. The protector looks very good quality, but it wasn't a 100% fit, but maybe 99.98%. I had a little trouble with the notch at the top, not quite lining up with the button cutout at the bottom. So while I thought it was fine, once I took the Layer 1 off, it wouldn't go down perfectly. So I had to remove it very carefully, re-align it, re-attach the hinge, and do it again, all while making sure I didn't get any dust underneath it.

    And even with all the care I took, I still got a couple of tiny tiny hairs which have caused imperfections. Dammit!

    So a word of warning to Note 3 users.. measure 3 times and make sure you have the protector on perfectly straight before you put the hinges on.

    Also, I didn't realise the front had a protective layer on it as well… took me ages to get that off!

    But all in all, a very good product.. will recommend to anybody!

  9. I put one of their glass versions my Note 3 and I wish I done it earlier. The glass screen protector is amazing. Very simple to install without screwing it up. But it really does a good job with finger prints. I no longer see my finger prints like before, and it emphasizes the colors on my Note because the screen protector does a good job repelling junk of the screen. I bought everyone in my family one for each of their phones. Bought directly and received all very quickly. Would highly recommend, expensive bit very good value for what is a very high quality product.

  10. How much harder is 9H from 8H? Like if I get the flex one and I accidently drop the phone face down on it's face, will it crack and save my screen from cracking just like the 9H premium tempered glass will?

  11. I just received mine for my Galaxy Note 2 and it is way too small.  It barely covers the screen itself.  I think I may have a defective one, so I am returning it.  I wish they have the 9H one for the Note 2.  The one I ordered for my husband's GS4 fits perfectly and the display is absolutely gorgeous.  I was excited to put mine on but I have to send it back because mine doesn't fit.  :-(

  12. Yes to both questions! 8H Hardness on a flexible glass is much better than your regular plastic film that can be dented up fairly easily – also ScreenMate Flex is more impact resistant as well!

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