Installing a Video Card – How To: Basics

Installing a graphics card is simple for many of you out there, but we were all newbies once, and both current and future newbies need solid information!

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48 thoughts on “Installing a Video Card – How To: Basics

  1. I installed a Diamond Radeon HD 6450 into my completely bone stock Dell Inspiron 570 with a 300 Watt power supply. It fit snug and everything. But it makes noises and when I diagnose my computers performance, it show 1.0 for computer graphics. I also installed a driver that WINDOWS found for me, and my DirectX hasn't been updated yet. What do I do?

  2. can someone help me pls!
    I own a 4 year old PC with an intelcore i7 3770 PCU, a geforce GT620 and a 250 Watt power supply, and I wanna upgrade to a GTX 1050Ti! Is the card compatible with my system?

  3. I'm kinda a new to pc upgrades and stuff since I was a PS4 gamer but pc is life, if I have a msi graphics card and want an nvidia graphics card is it possible to keep both inside the computer for even more performance, or is that just a dead no

  4. I have a gtx 1060 3gb and it is getting terrible fps in games, with GPU z I found its usage to be fluctuating heavily and 40% average load, core clock-1911mhz, memory clock-around 1900mhz and temps are normal, any idea why it is happening? My processor is i3 4150

  5. after running DDU n installing new graphic card, my windows' search is completely broken…I've tried various methods, restarting explorer, opening service.msc, troubleshooting via indexing option, executing various commands with command prompt , but none of those worked……help!!! :(

  6. so i bought the new 1050 ti from Asus, installed it soon as its arrived. turned the pc on , installed the drivers ! went to game and realised that i wasn't using the right grphics card ! so i closed the game and wento to device manager , then i realised the pc was using my intel graphics card ! disabled the intel , and though the problem was solved but it wasn't ! cs go wouldn't open 'cause the intel grphics was disabled ! so i searched and searched how to do it , but no sucess ! can you help me plz ? really getting upset !
    Sry for bad English !

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