Intel Core i5-750 Unboxing

Unboxing of an Intel Core i5-750


9 thoughts on “Intel Core i5-750 Unboxing

  1. @3Z3K13L08 It's better. I don't see a big performance increase, but it's much more stable. A lot less hiccups. And I got t at stock speed so when I over clock it I believe it will be a new kind of beast from my X3 720. And I know. 😛 It's because I tried to up the resolution which made it look terrible. (Blaming it on Handbrake :P) I'll upload two other unboxings I've done of my new EVGA Classified 200 and Enermax Revolution 85+ 1250W (Overkill I know. :P) Doing it later today. ;)

  2. Nice video for a one handed man with a camera phone!!! Glad you finally made the switch to Intel. You won't be disapointed. You sound a lot cooler then I do!

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