iOS 10.1 Jailbreak STATUS! Pangu, Features & Changes (iOS 10)

iOS 10.1 Final Jailbreak Update. Changes & Features in 10.1 EXPLAINED! Pangu’s iOS 10 Jailbreak 10.1.x Schedule Discussed.
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► Jailbreak iOS 10 Updates:
► iOS 10.0.3 Update:–bs8AeKS4

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⬇️ Table of Contents ⬇️

0:05 – iOS 10.1 Released!
0:55 – 10.1 Release Confirmation
1:44 – Features & Changes in iOS 10.1
2:54 – Portrait Camera: How it Works!
4:52 – iOS 10.1 is a Unifying Firmware!
5:30 – Other iOS 10.1 Changes
5:43 – iOS 10.1 and Jailbreaking
6:05 – Jailbreak Disclaimer!
6:58 – Jailbreaking: Looking Back at iOS 9
8:02 – iOS 10.1 Jailbreak Release Date?
8:47 – Fake iOS 10.1 Jailbreak Warning
9:33 – Jailbreak Updated Linked Above
10:03 – iOS 10.1 Should YOU Update?
12:54 – iOS 10 Jailbreak Updates



35 thoughts on “iOS 10.1 Jailbreak STATUS! Pangu, Features & Changes (iOS 10)

  1. Just switched to an LG G5 with Android 6.0.1 WHICH I CAN ROOT. I BROKE FREE HORAY. An iphone has no use to me if I can't jailbreak. Fuck apple and there closed, bare bones IOS. Fuck security patches and kernel fixes, I want customization and if apple can't provide that than apple just lost a Customer.

  2. I'm still on iOS 8.0.1 or something. If Apple updated past 10.1 would I still be able to update to 10.1 specifically? Or did they find a way to patch updating to specific iOS's?

  3. Hi and thanks for your greats videos and the infomation you provide us. I do have a quastion i hope you might can be able to help me and others with. how do I get IOS 10 apple watch features on jailbreak 9.3.3 by pangu on my iPhone 6s. Regards Michael

  4. Hey just wondering do you still get the updates from apple because I do like updating my phone to latest but wanting to jailbreak my iPhone 5. So real question is do pengu update their jailbreak software or any jailbreaks? Please get back to me on this or at thanks so much

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